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Smile Atkins Angels Chat 7/7 - 7/13

Another new week!! I survived my nephew's graduation party yesterday (there were a lot of people there so, I got to totally avoid my sister-in-law) I did well food wise too...grilled london broil & salad
Everyone have a great on-plan week!!
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Way to go JG! (Is sil jealous of your success on your low carb program? Family often is.)

I started the week with a good bike ride. I love my bike! It's rough country here abouts so you get a good workout climbing one hill after another.

I showed a lost pound yesterda morning which always gives you that boost to stay I've made a list of things I need to work on to keep me busy and occupied as I wait patiently (NOT) for the next pound to slide off into the universe of energy.

I hope everyone is feeling up to another day of challenge and aiming to win!

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Great Job JerseyGyrl and Timlin for getting your week off to a great start!

JerseyGyrl - you are my inspiration for being able to stick to this, and how you handled your nephew's graduation is just more ispiration for me in knowing that I can handle social situations and travel and still stick to my plan!

Timlin - Bike rides are awesome! I plan on getting a bike soon and making that part of my exercise routine. Great job on losing another pound!

I am just having a great time and feeling super! Yesterday I started week two of induction! I am so excited that I finally found a plan I can stick to. It's weird because just in following the plan, my ideas about food and weight loss and diets are shifting. I mean I think that my carb addiction actually influenced my thoughts about food, which makes sense, but just feeling my thoughts shift is a great and unexpected thing. I hope this makes sense!

This week I need to focus more on counting every single carb (last week, one day I had 23 carbs by mistake and a couple of other days I think I only had 13 or so). I just need to get a notebook instead of scattering random pieces of paper with notes on them in all different rooms of the house!

Well, have a great week everyone! I am leaving on Wednesday for camping and won't be back until the following Wednesday, so if I'm absent from the forum for a while, it's not because I gave up!!! I will be on plan and will tell you all about my success when I get back!
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Finished induction and starting to feel my waist again!
It's funny how I can look at food and think, yes or no.
I can have a great meal my way in a crowd.

Thanks for sharing your stories!

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I'm down to 174 and now have a 34" waist! I'm really happy with the changes so far and motivated to see more.

Started the week off on kind of a bad food though. Had so many errands to run yesterday (including doctor appointments) that I didn't get my workout in. I also didn't drink enough water....boy did I feel lousy. Today is going MUCH better though, and I'll work hard to make sure the rest of the week is good too!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
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Hiya Angels!

I'm back a day late from Cedar Point Coaster World Ohio - s'posed to be camping today too sunrose, but just tooooo exhausted and STILL haven't totally unpacked!

We had just. the. best. time.

I was unable to fit on some of the loop/scarier coasters - just another motivator eh? Luckily they had the actual seats at the line ENTRANCES so I didn't have to wait in line forever only to NOT fit!

Mmmmm . . . London Broil . . . sounds good right about now JG! Congrats on having a waist snappie - and you GO with the bike rides timlin!

I'm off to the Doc Office to weigh my bloat - then major UNpacking to Camp-Pack . . . bbl . . .

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Hey glad to hear you had such a great time!!

Its been ungodly hot & humid here...thank God today the humidity is lower! Makes you feel like doing absolutely nothing, completely zaps every bit of energy. DBF will be here in a few weeks for my birthday Can't wait!!!

All I can say about my nephew's party is...its over I'm thankful they had something Mom (she's gluten intolerant) & I could eat for a change...believe me, that is a plus!

Hope everyone's well & staying on plan!!

Have a relaxing weekend!
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