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aud 03-29-2008 05:47 PM

ATKINS: What Are You Eating?
Remember when we used to Post breakfasts/lunches/suppers/snacks periodically? I found this to be SO helpful for me - gave me lots of faboo ideas and helped to pinpoint the things I could improve (read: NO veggies!:o)

Hope that no matter what phase of Atkins you are at, consider popping in here & Posting some sample menus.:carrot:

I'm on Induction Phase - this is what I had yesterday:

B: LC Smoothie
1 scoop Body Fortress Whey Vanilla Protein
Dannon LC Vanilla Yogurt
Splash of Heavy Whipping Cream
Splash of Super Yummy DaVinci SF Caramel Syrup
Crushed Ice-Blend

L: 2 thick slices of braunscweiger
Glob of Mayo
2 Clausen DillPickle Spears
2 slices swiss cheese

S: 2 pieces of Tilapia-grilled in butter
2 cups of shredded cabbage w/mayo
2 onion slices chopped into cabbage

Didn't snack yesterday - not sure why(??:?:) Drank lots of water maybe?

Todays menu will include barbq (w/o the sauce:p) pork steaks & I've got in some new "Simply Steam" Green Giant Spinach in a Pouch I'm itching to try out . . . also allotting myself a few Bud Lights - somewhere between 6-26.:dizzy:

JerseyGyrl 03-29-2008 07:23 PM

Today was a busy day for me...so, my menu looks pretty much like this:

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg, 2 links breakfast sausage, LC vanilla yogurt, sugar cookie decaf green tea with heavy cream

Lunch: LC Protein Shake & some leftover homemade tuna salad

Dinner: Turkey Burger with mayo, cauliflower, broccoli & carrot mix, salad of mixed greens, cucumber & lc italian dressing

sylvia78 03-29-2008 11:35 PM

What a wonderful idea. Thanks Aud!

I am in OWL but I only eat Induction foods. Lunch is usually:

4-5 ounces of protein [chicken, steak, fish]
3 cups romaine
1-2 oz tomato
2Tbl oilive oil

On weekends I add 2-3c spinach to my lunch salad.

Dinner is usually:

4-5 ounces of grilled protein [chicken, steak, fish]
3c broccoli/green beans/cabbage/some green veggie
1Tbl butter
2c spinach
2 cups romaine
4-5 oz tomato
2Tbl oilive oil or mayo

Now breakfast is an entirely different animal. During the week I have:

2 scrambled eggs
4-5 strips of bacon

On the weekend, I eat turkey bacon or chicken sausage with the family and, if there is an early game, we are out the door for little league. If there's no game, I can make a dairy-free omelet. I know that I need to do better and get some consistency on the weekend.

Sunday mornings I make my eggs to take to work during the week. Tomorrow I am making broccoli and mini-red/yellow/orange peppers omelet for the week.

Puncezilla 03-30-2008 01:19 AM

Consistency is hard for me on the weekends too.
I'm back on induction level
Today I had fried chicken for breakfast
Lunch was asperagus & mushrooms broiled in a little oil & spice, with sour cream.
Dinner was steak and greek salad.
No snacks, I only feel like snacking in the evening and I'm trying not to munch after dinner.

broadabroad 03-30-2008 10:58 AM

Interesting thread! Good idea!

Today I had:

Strawberry shake (carton of coconut cream [6 carbs, 6 fat, 8 protein], 5 strawberries, teaspoon unsweetened almond butter, 2 sachets of sweetener, around 10 grams of cookies'n'creme whey protein)

2 slices bacon, 1 slice black pudding, fried mushrooms, 2 fried eggs (ordered breakfast from menu in British Club, as we were rehearsing there. Couldn't face the sausages & ignored the fried bread [which I'd asked them not to bring!])

Yummy goodness! Ordered delivery: Eggplant casserole with crabmeat and shrimp served with sauted zucchini. AND I had a caesar salad with salmon!

Was a bit indulgent, as was feeling a bit blue (but then went down to the gym for half an hour - going to try to have 'Hit the Gym' be my reflex in the future). Anyway, yes - had 2 sugarfree chocolate truffles.

Azure 03-30-2008 11:23 AM

This'll be good for me! I've had Breakfast and Lunch already, and I've got dinner and a snack planned already! :D

Breakfast (was a quickie, so not super-balanced):
-2oz sharp cheddar cheese
-1oz sausage.
(320 cal/ 28g fat/ 2g carb/ 19g protein)--I'm counting the cheese as 2 carbs, as per DANDR.

-2 oz Broccoli, 2 oz french-cut green beans, 1 oz bean sprouts
- 4.4 oz chicken breast
- 1tbs canola oil
I stirfried them all together with a tablespoon of soy sauce--and it's DELICIOUS! It's also just as good, if not better, than any Chinese food I've had.
(385 cal/ 20g fat/ 6g net carb/ 40g protein)

- 1 cup shredded cauliflower
- .25 cup tomato sauce
- 2 oz mozzarella cheese
- .5 oz pepperoni
- 1 egg
- 1 tbs canola oil
I'm making the cauliflower pizza recipe JG posted earlier this week for dinner--it's one of my new favorites!
(528 cal/ 41g fat/ 8g net carb/ 29g protein)

- 5oz chicken (dark meat)
(265 cal/ 12g fat/ 38g protein)

Note: I used approx. 5 packets of Splenda today in my iced teas, so I'm adding 5g carbs to my net total and I also had 2 pieces of sucralose-sweetened gum (Stride) for another net 1g carb. I'm working on replacing Splenda with Stevia, and drinking more water :) After all, I could have been using some of those carbs for some more veggies instead!

Daily Totals:

1510 calories / 100g fat / 20g net carbs / 126g protein

Azure 03-31-2008 08:58 AM

Posting a new one for today!

Breakfast: I was just going to have the shake before and after my workout, but because I bought fat free milk by accident, I wanted to get some fat into my breakfast, so I tacked on two ounces of sharp cheddar cheese at the end for its fat content (my shake alone had only 1 gram of fat!)
- 1 cup Carb Countdown milk (I bought the fat free by mistake)
- 2 scoops Zero Carb Isopure whey protein isolate
Mixed together-- 1/2 before my workout this morning at the gym and 1/2 after.
-- 2oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese after workout

( 484 cal / 20g fat / 5g net carb / 72g protein )

- 3 oz bean sprouts
- 3 oz Mixed Broccoli/French-Cut Green Beans
- 2 TBS soy sauce
- 1 TBS canola oil
- 5oz Chicken breast
Stirfried together, like yesterday's lunch...and I've got to say: YUM. :D
(463 cal / 23g fat / 9g net carb / 50g protein )

- TGI Fridays for buffalo wings with my buddy, Rob. I had 8 of them.
(300 cal / 22g fat / 3g net carb / 24g protein)

- 5oz ground beef patty (87% lean)
(305 cal / 21g fat / 0g carb / 26g protein)

( 1560 calories / 86g fat / 12g net carb / 174g protein )

My final note on today's menu: I really need to shoot for some more veggies! I only managed to get some in with lunch. Tomorrow I think stir-fry and a salad might be in order.

broadabroad 03-31-2008 09:54 AM

Hmm. This is very good, isn't it? Keeping me conscious of what I'm eating.

Breakfast: 5 strawberries, 1/2 cup of cream with a dash of sweetener, almond essence and ground almonds. (Was a bit stumped, as didn't have any breakfasty breakfast food left in the fridge.)

Lunch: School dinner: Green salad, Stir fried pork with morning glory and soy beans, stir fried veggies. 4 cubes of canteloup.

Dinner: DIY Chef Salad, consisting of mixed leaves, couple of stalks of fresh parsley, 1/2 tablespoon pumpkin seeds, couple ounces feta cheese, leftover tuna salad, 8 king prawns sauteed in coconut oil & seasoned with lemon pepper.

Chocolate peanut butter 'cake' (ie 2 tbsp unsweetened peanutbutter, 1 egg, 2 sachets of sweetener, tbsp ground almonds, 1/4 tbsp cocoa. Microwaved for maybe 30 seconds.) Served with scoop of double cream.

...man, I'm eating A LOT, aren't I? I need to get back into the habit of putting everything into fitday, and make sure I take my lunch into school with me rather than relying on what the kitchen has that day.

Azure 04-01-2008 08:52 AM

Aaaand Today.

EDIT: I made myself a big breakfast (eggs with tomato sauce, broccoli and turkey), but felt nauseous two bites in. I ended up having a snack that wasn't "ideal", but it was small and fat/calorie-dense--so I could get it down without feeling nauseous.
- .5 oz pepperoni
- 1.5 oz cheese
(242 cal / 20g fat / 1g carb / 14g protein)

- 5.8 oz burger
- 1 slice american cheese
(486 cal / 31g fat / 1g carb / 47g protein)

- 7oz chicken breast
- 4.5 oz broccoli/green beans
- 2tbs soy sauce
- 1 tbs canola oil

(507 cal / 21g fat / 7g carb / 63g protein)

- .65 oz pork rinds
- 1 Chocoperfection bar (looks like there was one lying around in my cabinet!)
(301 cal / 25g fat / 2g carb / 13g protein)

( 1536 calories / 97g fat / 11g net carbs / 137g protein )

Like yesterday, I obviously need to incorporate more veggies. I vow that tomorrow I will have a stir-fry AND a salad!

sylvia78 04-01-2008 01:06 PM

I made the broccoli/pepper/onion egg scramble for the week and that is my breakfast along with a few pieces of bacon. I am now looking for a substitute breakfast meat. I do get chicken sausage for my kids, so maybe I'll get a package just for me.

I had grilled boneless/skinless chicken thighs last night with a large salad, mayonnaise and steamed broccoli with butter. I usually cook all my meats on the weekend. This way I am not left in the lurch when the family is having a pasta dinner and there is no meat for me.

Today's lunch is:

2c romaine lettuce
2c mustard spinach
8oz tomato
4 oz grilled chicken breast
2Tbl olive oil
1/2Tbl vinegar

1 El Pollo Loco Chicken Leg
1Tbl mayonaisse

2c green beans
1Tbl butter
3c spinach
2c lettuce
4oz tomato
3 turkey bacon slices
3 grilled chicken thighs

While I was entering my information for dinner I realized that there was no chicken in the frig. I had to grill some chicken for me to eat.

aud 04-01-2008 06:53 PM

ALMOST bought the red & yellow peppers here the other day sylvia - more precious than GOLD! What do they cost where you live?

I LOVE stevia az! Since I've kicked my Diet Coke Habit - I've noticed more & more how I'm affected by artificial sweeteners (bloat/headache/stall.)

Don't think I've mentioned thatI FINALLY gotmesome:p . . . DaVinci Syrups - OMGosh! THAT's what all the fuss has been about! YUM!

Sample Last Saturday Menu: 28 Bud Lights

Sample Sunday Menu: xanax
weak tea

Sample Monday Menu: Not enuf megabytes to list the quantity of food/carbs from yesterday


B: LC Smoothie (minus the LC Yogurt)

L: Mushroom-Black Olive Omelette
Thick Slice Braised Cabbage

I think Tilapia & Cauli for supper tonight . . .

SherryA 04-01-2008 07:06 PM

breakfast: (what breakfast?) 1 thin strip of sliced chicken lunch meat

lunch: small hamburger patty with two slices of avocado and some fresh salsa on top.(tomatoes, onion, jalapeno pepper, cilantro) 1 Strawberry, small amount of cheese and sourcream on top (of the meat I mean, not the strawberry).

Dinner:? not sure yet.

Puncezilla 04-01-2008 09:59 PM

Br: 1 piece of leftover pork steak, 1 cup coleslaw with mayo/cream/vinagre/splenda dressing.
L: 8 mini smokies, 3 pickles
D: two fried chicken thighs, asperagus.

sylvia78 04-01-2008 11:05 PM

Usually the non-green peppers are quite expensive. I could get 6 of the large ones from Costco for $7 but I'm afraid they will go bad really quick. I got the mini red/yellow/orage peppers at the 99 cents store. It was a fluke that I was even in the store. They have expanded their produce section and the peppers looked really fresh and crisp.

I like the stevia powder too but I only have one cup of black decaf in the morning so, I use a packet of splenda.

BroadAbroad, you are not eating a lot if you are not feeling stuffed. That is one of the beauties of low-carb eating. You really can eat until you feel satisfied and still lose weight.

Azure 04-02-2008 01:08 PM

For April 2, 2008!

I got a late start this morning after a VERY bad night of sleep (my hip was REALLY hurting me), so I didn't get my first meal in until 11:30. So, I'll have Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks today.

- 5.2 oz cube steak fried in canola oil
- 2 c. Romaine Lettuce
- 2 tbs Caesar dressing
(595 cal / 43g fat / 2g net carb / 37g protein)

Afternoon Snack:
- 1.5 oz cheddar cheese
- .5 oz pepperoni
(242 cal / 20g fat / 1g net carb / 14g protein)

- 5 oz dark meat chicken
- 4 oz Broccoli/green beans
- 1 tbs canola oil
- 1 tbs soy sauce
(438 cal / 26g fat / 4g net carb / 40g protein)

Evening Snack:
- 2 tbs Smuckers natural peanut butter
(210 cal / 16g fat / 4g net carb / 8g protein)

( 1485 cal / 105g fat / 11g net carb / 109g protein )

To sum up:
I've decided to add 2tbs natural peanut butter or 1oz nuts back into my daily intake--I'll have been on Induction for 2 weeks as of this coming Friday, I'm solidly in ketosis and I'll see if my peanut butter had any impact tonight when I monitor myself with my ketosticks in the AM. I'm planning on staying on induction-level carb intake for awhile, but I need my nuts ;) I seem really short on my total carb intake--even with some more veggies in my meals and some peanut butter. So, I think I'm going to attempt veggies three times tomorrow! :) I'll consider it a personal challenge :D

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