Registration Tips

  • We consistently have two problems arise for AOL users that register for new accounts.

    1. Registration confirmation email are returned to us, marked as "User is not accepting mail from this sender"

    If you have your AOL email set to reject email from unapproved senders, please add to your approved list BEFORE you register.

    2. We frequently have new accounts with invalid AOL email addresses, and you will not receive your confirmation email. The main cause of this is the use of www. at the start of your email address. For some reason, many new AOL members are given the impression that their email address begins in www, but it doesn't. We've received hundreds of invalid registrations due to this.

    If you have used an invalid email address on your registration, OR if you did not add us to your approved sender list, AND you have not received your confirmation email to activate your account... Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum and we will resend your confirmation email to the correct address.


    For other users: Please do not use an email address which generates auto-responders, such as "out of office" replies. These get forwarded to our personal email accounts. We don't want them

    Also, please do not use an email address that utilizes an anti-spam service which requires that WE respond to a permission email. No one is monitoring that email address, as it is not for replies. So no one will ever respond to authorize the email.