Can't open the forum at home

  • Hi,

    Posting this from work. I am unable to access the forum at home, it gives me an error page. I'm using chrome, but also tried firefox with the same response. I also tried cleaning out my cache, history and restarting my computer. I also checked my router and anti-virus for blocked websites. I am at a total loss. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Huh, I noticed this lately, too. However, I just assumed it was because my boyfriend has some crazy security on our wifi and I didn't want to ask him to unblock this website! Maybe I'll talk to him about it tonight and if that's not the issue, you'll know it's not just you. Which doesn't solve the problem, but still.
  • Let us know what the error page looks like, your browser type and version, and what kind of internet connection you have.
  • I'll try. Going to have to try to open it at home, copy/screen shot the page and then email it to my work to I can post it on Monday.