Ticker Factory won't work! UUUGGGHHH

  • I have never had this type of trouble before. Im trying to set up a FITNESS ticker . The first attempt was successful, just that I didn't like the ticker so I went back to edit it and since then...NADA!
    After I pick the ruler and click on next, it keeps taking me back to the ruler page! I changed from the ipad to my laptop, thinking the problem might be there, but no. I changed browsers both on the ipad and the laptop, but no.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated here.
    I want to take this opportunity to suggest that 3fc could add options so people could make FITNESS tickers. I was shocked to notice we don't have any on here. This might be really handy to those who don't necesarily want to use the weight ticker.
    While waiting for help Ive decided to use a lilyslim ticker...I wouldnt if I had the choice.
  • Did it
  • Well, good job then! I'm trying to set up one too!