Can't log in

  • I've tried all day to log in on Mozilla and Explorer and keep getting a database error. The only way I could post this was to work around on my Android app.

    I'd ask if anyone else is having this problem, but if they are they can't reply, lol.
  • It looks like 2 people have posted about this issue on the 3FC Facebook page too

    It sounds like it should be resolved soon.
  • I had this yesterday.....
  • I'm finally in!
  • I get that message on my PC, but I'm able to login no problem on my android tablet. I emailed 3fc, but no response yet.
  • I had this happen to me recently too. I'm hoping that 3fatchicks is resolving the issue.
  • I've been trying all day too and just got in. Same error message.
  • Whoo-hoo! I can post on a computer again!