is my sig okay?

  • it's in the yellow zone of the sig okay-or-not thing...
    i just wanna make sure it doesn't get deleted.
    i originally had the picture to the left of the tracker,
    but didn't like how it looked. i like how it looks right now.
    But I don't want it disabled so i figured i'd double-check.
  • I say yes! I saw another member with a pic bigger than yours in their sig so that'd be pretty bs if yours got deleted. I wouldn't worry about it. Yay you got a sig now!!!!
  • You're ok It can become a problem once it gets into the yellow zone, but that's usually when people use over-sized pics, etc. If you were to edit your sig, you might consider using the text size code to reduce the text size a notch and that would shrink it somewhat Thanks for asking!!

    Amandie we don't actively search out large signatures, but we edit or delete if we see them. We don't see them all We usually try to trim them first instead of deleting them. We also receive complaints about signatures and that often brings them to our attention as well.
  • i'll make the size a bit smaller then, just so i don't have to worry about it stretching the sig

    thanks for the input
  • I have a question about my signature that I'm hoping someone can help me with. Why doesn't it show how much weight I've lost on the slider. Everyone else I see it shows that. Is it because I haven't lost enough to show?
  • Yep, it'll show in a few pounds.

    Here's at 264Here's at 260Keep on keeping on.
  • Thank you for the answer. That will make me try harder. Can't wait to see it. Doesn' t take much to amuse
  • Help
    I want to submit my signature !!
  • Looks good from here. Is there a problem?