Annoying Video Ad Popping Up

  • Tonight when I logged on to the site, I have had annoying video weight loss ads pop up in a different window 3 times. Very annoying. I'm pretty sure my pop up blocker is still enabled. Anyone else been getting this??

  • I've not experienced anything like that. I don't think they have any type of pop ads on this site. Have you scanned your system for adware lately? What you are describing could be caused by adware, which is triggered by the keywords on our site.

    Can you tell me what page you were on when it happened?
    Was it on the main site or the forum?
    Do you know what the product was that was in the ad?
    What browser do you use - IE, Firefox, or something else?

    I'll pass the info along, and this will help track it down if it came from here.

  • I got something similar to that too, but just once. I don't know what it was for since I clicked it out pretty quickly and I think I was browsing the 20 somethings thread
  • This happened last night on my home computer. I use Internet Explorer, I was on the forum, not sure which threads, but it was a health/diet related product (I clicked out pretty quickly) in a fake news-type form. I'll see if it happens again tonight. I did check and my pop up blocker is definitely ON. Thanks.