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Suzanne 3FC 05-03-2007 10:09 PM

Regarding changing usernames and/or opening multiple accounts
We are happy to help you change your username if you find that your original name was inappropriate for some reason. That's life and we understand :)

We suggest only ONE change, though, because multiple changes are confusing to other members, so please choose a name you can live with. We're received a lot of complaints from other members that felt it was unfair.

We also do not want members to open more than one account for the same reason. Members who open multiple accounts risk being banned by IP address :eek:

thanks :)

Suzanne 3FC 02-10-2011 06:08 PM

We've had a lot of requests for name changes!

Please keep this in mind if you are considering changing your username.

Valid reasons to change your name:
1. You misspelled your username when you signed up.
2. You misunderstood and used your real name instead of creating a nickname.
3. You were depressed when you signed up and chose something sad or negative and realized that's not the best approach to a new lifestyle.
4. You just realized your username is slang for something offensive.
5. You've been here a while and use the same username on multiple websites and you just realized everyone that knows you can search google and find your 3FC account. Your ex-BF, MIL, or boss is now reading about your weekend binge or sagging boobs. Yes, changing your username can fix that.

Please remember

All mods, including myself, are unpaid volunteers and we spend several hours a day here. We do it because we care about the community and we know it's important to take care of the necessary things that keep this forum running smoothly. We really appreciate it when we are not asked to use that time to do things that are frivolous or unnecessary. Please don't ask us to change your username because you are bored with it or thought of something cuter. It's not fair to us, and it's not fair to confuse the members that know you as you are. If you desire a change, try a new avatar :)

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