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  • We watched Final Fantasy 7 last night. It was very good and the animation was amazing.
  • We watched Hollywood Homicide last night- it was much better than I thought it would be and there were some scenes with Harrison Ford where I laughed my butt off.
  • Been falling behind on my movie reviews - I know how dissappointed you must all be .

    The last movie we saw that sticks in my mind was Hostel. All I can say is yawn.

    For a movie touted as the scariest movie ever - I feel more fear that the scale wont move this month. Besides having a very slow beginning and a fairly lame ending - what gory horror there was, was just showy and not freaky.

    Fun with Dick and Jane was cute and funny.

    Herbie fully loaded - ok, this movie just proves what a sentimental dork I am - now it was that time of the month, but here I was watching a movie about a possessed volkswagon and I was moved to tears more than once. I think Disney must put subliminal msgs in their movies. LOL
    Very sweet movie and I suspect Herbies popularity over the years is one reason for the new pixar film Cars - there is even a scene in the preview of cars that is the exact same scene from Herbies new movie.

    Four Brothers was a drama, action type movie that a bit of a slow start but turned out to be a really good drama about family and community and how one person can make such a difference.

    Deuce Bigilow European Gigilo - if you found the first funny in its own way - you will like this one - of course if you get past the bizarre humor base - it does have a msg about what women really want in a man vs what men think we want.

    That is it for now.
  • I enjoyed Four Brothers too!

    We finally watched Layer Cake tonight and really enjoyed it.
  • Watched Transamerica tonight. It was just really great. I was surprised that it was as funny as it was, I guess I was expecting it to be serious and more drama. It was well rounded and funny and sad and everything in between. I definately recommend this one.
  • That sounds good - Transamerica is on my list of "too sees"
  • Watched March of the Penguins - documentary - love story - This was really interesting and informative as well as very entertaining and touching. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

    The Descent - another rip off of The Core basically- but not as good. Meh.

    X-Men the last stand - DH liked because was short only 1:45. Personally I thought they went too fast and didnt spend enough time personalizing the characters the way they did in the past - so you couldnt get in touch with them. It was entertaining I suppose and great effects but I was dissappointed overall. Doesnt mean I wouldnt watch it again if it was on TV - but I doubt I would pay to see it again. It really seemed to be all about the effects instead the characters.
  • I loved March of the Penguins!

    I saw X-Men Last Stand. I liked it. I didn't love it like the last two. I agree with ajandpj - not enough character development. But fun.

    I also watched Mrs. Henderson Presents. I loved it. It was great fun.
  • okay, so i'm about 10 years late, but i finally watched "Fargo" for the first time tonight. Wasn't at all what I was expecting, but it was very good. I loved listening to them talk. My extended family is from there and it was weird to hear phrases I only knew my family to say. Darn Tootin.

    Tried to watch the Producers, and only made it about 10 minutes in to it. I just don't like Nathan Lane, a little goes a long way. a lot is just too much. Hubby likes him and he couldn't even stand to watch any more of it.
  • I watched 50 First Dates. I normally don't like Adam Sandler much, but as silly as it was I enjoyed the movie. It was really rather cute.
  • We watched the Island this weekend - Ewen McGregor - yummy - anyway - it was pretty good at the beginning for action and plot but toward the end started getting predictable - I did enjoy it, and the effects were really good especially the camera work, but DH seem bored and kept getting up and missing parts. So it depends on your tastes.
  • pj - we thought the same. we wanted to like it, but they made it very hard. and we looove ewan mcgregor.
    we'll have to try the core. i loved descent.

    have been addicted to a new tv show. Huff. Am almost through the first season. so good.
  • Oh man, if you liked Descent - you will love The Core. Far better effects, more realistic science and much much better acting. Very Emotional and still had its funny parts. Make sure you get The Core with Hilary Swank and not Deep Core with 2 Star Trek actors in the main roles. Deep Core I think was the first draft and went straight to tv. the plot is very similar but not as believable tech wise.

    We also saw 11:14 that I assumed would be a rip off of Crash - but this movie was a trip. You have to see it and you cant miss a moment because each time the focus changes from 1 characture to another, they go back in time 15-30 mins. You just have to see it. It was cool.
  • Put the Core in my Queue to watch. It didn't rate it very high on Netflix but we'll see.

    Had some pretty horrible shows this weekend. First, we watched an episode off the disc for Five Mile Creek a disney show placed in Austrailia from 1983. I swear I remember loving it when I was a little kid. It sucked. A lot. I was sad.

    Then hubby picked out an anime called A Tree of Palme, which he read a review of being "as good as Princess monanoke" and "an independant take on Pinochio" let me tell you it was neither of these things. The dubbing was terrible, the story was almost non-existant and very chaotic, and it was 2 hours and 15 minutes long! totally confusing and when we were done we just wanted our two hours and 15 minutes back.
  • watched Howl's moving castle, which was just great. very good animation and entertainment. made by the same folks as spirited away and kiki's delivery service and the like. It was very good. I still think Spirited Away is my favorite, but it's still really good.