Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Does anyone else feel the need to eat EVERYTHING in sight when they are feeling hormonal?

    I have endometriosis and have been doing monthly Lupron injections for the last 4 months. This is to put me in a temporary menopause so that my endo will stop growing. I'm also on hormone replacement therapy to ease my symptoms.....I've had horrible hot flashes for the past few months. Because of all this fun stuff I haven't had a period in 6 months. In short.......I am a hormonal wreck and I am nuttier than a fruit cake and trying to stay the **** out of my kitchen.

    So, how do you deal when you are feeling hormonal?

  • i wish i knew! have similar hormonal problems, and even just being on the pill makes me into the eating monster... along with the crankiness and general crappiness... but i'm just grateful at least the blinding pain has subsided.
    i think i'd rather be fat and crabby then missing work every month and curled up in the fetal position crying. *LOL*
    i wish i knew of a way though. i get this feeling like - if i don't replace all the blood in my veins with chocolate i will murder someone.
  • Since I have been pre-menopausal the cravings have gotten more severe and I feel that even when I am so full I feel sick that I want to eat more. I have been trying to just drink more water and do something to keep busy until it passes.
    I know what you are saying about chocolate....I am usually a salt not suger craver but during certain times chocolate is all I think about but I can't even "just eat one piece" it like pringles---once you pop--you can't stop!!
  • When I started the Lupron in November I weighed 2 pounds less than I do now. I gained 11 pounds in 11 days. Since then I've struggled to lose those 11 pounds and I've pretty much spent the last 4 months losing and regaining the same 5 pounds. I think the hormone replacement therapy is more to blame than the Lupron, but without it I am a sooooo moody and the hot flashes are horrible. I'm just trying to walk more and get more exercise. When I have a severe chocolate craving I eat a mini peppermint pattie, that calms the beast for a while. I'll just be happy when the shots are over in May!

  • Yeah a week before I come on I always eat for England. Usually while I am on I don't have much appetite although today I am eatig toast like it is going out of style!! 6 slices so far today 4 for brekkie, 2 with my soup.

    The way I am going I will get my @ss kicked at the weigh in tonight! I promised her 2lb off - yeah right!!
  • South Beach Chocolate Cereal Bars
    I highly reccommend the cereal bars from South Beach/Kraft. They are high fiber, balanced in the Zone, good carbs, etc. The chocolate ones are especially good at those times when you really dont care what you weigh you just want chocolate - this is guilt free and filling.

    The peanut butter ones are good too - And the cinnamon raisin ones are an absolute sweet treat.

    give them a try - I dare you not to like them.
  • Sometimes I get that way even when I'm not hormonal! But, yeah, especially then. Lately I've taken to just leaving the house and not taking any money with me.... just going to the park or the library where there's nothing to eat and nothing to buy. Sometimes I just go to bed really, really early.

  • Quote: In short.......I am a hormonal wreck and I am nuttier than a fruit cake and trying to stay the **** out of my kitchen.

    So, how do you deal when you are feeling hormonal?
    I can relate to this. I have PCOS and don't cycle regularly...but when AF DOES hit...I'm a ticking timebomb. And I take my emotions and anger and whatever else out on food. And...well...then it hits back. lol

    I haven't figured out how to deal yet...working on it
  • God yes and the more chocolatey the better
  • Shannon,
    Did your Dr offer you the option of high dose birth control pills instead of Lupron? I was just diagnosed with endometriosis this month, after a lifetime of woman issues. I've been on a the pill for menstrual suppression for 3 years (take active pills only, til you start to bleed, then break for 5 days or so) which usually helps. I was on 30mcgs, and after diagnosis, my Dr put me on 35mcgs, and told me not to take any breaks. I refused the Lupron shots because of the side effects. I haven't been on this dosing long enough to say for sure if it will help, but I will end up in the mental ward if I let my hormones run free.
    Until going on the pill, I was unable to lose weight because despite my best efforts, the hormones would flip on me, and I'd dive head first into the fridge. Just this week I went down from the "loading dose" of 4 pills/day to the reg 1 pill/day dose. I have been all PMSY, and crazy and craving like mad. Somedays, it just sucks to be a chick!
  • One other thought
    I have found in my own dieting experience that unless you plan to never eat chocolate again (heaven forbid) then you are only setting yourself up to fail by denying your body the little treat it desires and deserves.

    Sure going cold turkey may make you lose faster - but I beleive that we have to teach ourselves how to eat right - not perfect. A candy bar once a month isnt going to undo your efforts (it is the daily treats that get you) - and it may just make you feel better and less stressed. By being so strict you may be setting yourself up to binge.

    It really is ok to have treats even when "dieting" I follow the 90/10 plan - 90% of my choices are healthy, balanced, low calorie and 10% are treats - give or take.

    Besides - calories in and calories burned are the real factors - the point to reducing intake of sugar is to avoid hunger spikes - but no one should have to live without chocolate forever.

    And if you are excercising and eating good most of the time - why punish yourself during the one time of the month that you really need to give in? You might just find that once your body knows you havent given up chocolate all together that the cravings will lessen (we only want what we cant have) - so never say never again.

    That is just my buck and a half.
  • oh lord do i have problems with this. infact this is probably my biggest obstacle in the month. and its not only because im hormonal its alos because i know that i can say im hormonal as an excuse. then it affects my willpower for about a week and a half after.