Marvelous March Challenge!

  • Time for this month's challenge - hope everyone did well in February!

    If you want to join in just post whatever goals you have for this month - they can be lbs to lose, non-scale, exercise or habits to lose or to make.

    This month I would like to:

    Drink 6 glasses of water per day
    Exercise 3 times per week
    Take my vitamins each day
  • OK, here's my personal challenge:
    eat my vegetables every meal
    walk 4 times a week
    cut back TV watching, which leads to the couch potato body.
    do strength training 2 times a week
  • My March Goals:

    Lose 8lbs
    Walk everyday, even if only for ten minutes
    To totally go without crisps and chocolate and full sugar sodas (even while on holiday)

    Good Luck
  • March Goals:

    Walk 5 days per least 30 minutes each day
    8 glasses of water per day
    Stay under 1600 calories most days ( Except for my birthday......I am giving myself permission to enjoy )
  • Okay, so two weeks have gone by and I am up to 4 glasses of water per day and I have been walking for 30 minutes at lunch time at work. I have also started taking a different bus home from work that lets me off further from my house and forces me to walk uphill to get home

    Not doing so great in the vitamins department. Today at lunch I am going to the dollar store at the mall to see if I can find a pill container to put a week's worth of vitamins into. I just find that if the vitamins are in the cabinet and not right in front of my nose I forget about them Hopefully this will help.

    I have also lost 2 lbs
  • Okay - so the pill box thing seems to be working! I have managed to take all my vitamins everyday this week!

    I also tried out some new recipes over the past week or so - all WW recipes and it seems to be paying off - I have now lost 3 lbs for the month

    I've also been filling up my 32 oz mug with crystal light everyday and keeping it beside my computer so I have no excuse to not drink water throughout the day
  • Oops. I realized I never posted my goals. They are the same as last month for now -
    My goals are:
    Try and bring lunch to work at least 3 days a week, and eat what I bring!
    Drink more Crystal Lite instead of pop (soda).
    Exercise video at least twice a week.
    Try and remember to take my vitamins more often then not.
  • I've added taking the stairs at work to my daily routine - I need to get my legs in shape
  • Dh and I have been getting in 3 weight training sessions per week including a 5-10 min hike up the road and back (uphill).

    My walking buddy is on spring break this week and has promised me at least 2 days of after work walks - probably in the 1 -2 hr range -uphill.

    I WI on Sat the 1st (my BDAY - yes I know - ha ha ha)

    Fingers crossed - havent even peaked at the scale.
  • CLose but no cigar - just an eclair ;-)
    WEll - the numbers are in and I missed my goal by 2 lbs, instead of losing 6 I only lost 4 - but a loss is a loss.

    I contribute my "failure" on not enough fiber intake and emotional stress tied with aging. LOL

    Anyway, on to April and a new goal - 5 lbs is a nice even #

    Hey Mauv - need a thread for April = like "no foolin', it's Awesome April" or something equally corny.
  • I'll start a new thread today