• I am brand new here but wanted to share real quick. I joined a boxing gym last month and I'm in love! It's a dirty smelly warehouse in the worst possible part of town. I feel so empowered! float like a butterfly...
  • chavez rules! oscar too!

    their the greatest, the greatest. LOL. sorry, they are less talk more walk but i guess preference determines our choice. I watch boxing and the sport is all about money and rematches now. The fighter that wins the match sometimes loses on the cards. Oh, well who is gonna get their head punched out now....yeah, yeah...jk.
  • Hooray for boxing and kickboxing and all the blood sweat and tears that goes with it...

    Betcha they don't wear pink gloves though
  • I had my 1st boxing class myself Tuesday and It was awesome I was swore for 2 days but I loved it so did my sister and friend Can't wait for next tuesday to go again.