New/Not New/Returning to the Flock

  • Hello Everyone!!

    I used to frequent 3FC quite some time ago... I have no idea at this point what my user name was and since I'm in a "new" phase of my life, I have a "new" name

    The only one I remember from then is the Evil Redhead Maybe some other old timers will eventually ring a few bells for me.

    I'm back, I've gained all my weight back, and I'm not leaving here until... well I'm not leaving, ever!

    Hope to get to know you all!
  • Welcome back! Glad I'm remembered for something
  • I'm just glad to see at least ONE familiar "face"

    Thanks for the welcome!
  • Welcome Renee - or welcome back - whichever.

  • Thank you, thank you
  • Welcome back. It can be hard starting.....but every thing ever completed began with a START.
  • Hey, umm returning too! After way too long of an absence!
  • Welcome Back & Nice to meet you
  • Hi there to the both of you! I'm fairly new, and really enjoying this place, especially this forum!

  • Hi Amyjo!