Alternachick chat January 2006

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  • I'm soooooo tired of the wet this winter. We had 29 straight days of rain, a one day break and then right back to rain.

    Normally I love the rain, but enough is enough even for me! Especially 40 degree January rain.
  • ugh, i agree Tani. when i lived up in bellingham we had like 63 consecutive days - that was back in 1998 i think. it sucked a lot!

    here's been a little better. flooding seems to be les than it was. woke up to thunder and sideways rain this weekend tho.

    counting down the days til i go on vacation. 11....
  • I would love some rain....send some my way
    I live in Missouri and we are so dry that we have a burn ban - which really got in the way of a few of my rituals that I had wanted to perform this month . We had a bit of rain yesterday - but the ban was not lifted *sigh*. This is the time of year when I burn off my garden so that it will be ready to till and plant by the end of March - I'll just have to deal with the slight delay in plans I suppose.