Yay, I exercised today!

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  • Happy New Year everyone!

    Believe it or not I got up and did 30 minutes of exercise this morning - just stretching but hey it is New Year's day so I'm not going to work too hard am I?
  • That's a start.I only walked 15 minutes(1/2 mile)and thats a start for me.Printed out a beginners walking chart and gonna go by that.By the end of the 12 weeks I'll be walking for an hour.
  • I spent the weekend hoe-in' around
    Yesterday and Today - 30 - 45 mins of ditch digging with a manual hoe.

    All I have to say is that exercise that involves an actual activity goes so much faster and I tend to really get into it - next thing your DH is saying your lips are blue and your face is red - but the water is draining off the pasture so it is all good.

    Plus any exercise that really targets your love handle region is excellent!
  • Yesterday: 30 minutes of weights
    Today: 1 hour dog walk
  • 30 minutes of Pilates today I felt great after it!
  • Tuesday: 1 hour bike ride, 30 minute walk, 1 hour aquacize
  • 30 minutes of shoveling snow today
  • Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride, 30 minute walk
  • 30 minute walk at lunch today
  • Today: 1 hour bike ride, 30 minute walk
  • Walked for about 1 hour today just toodling around our neighbourhood and walking to the local rec centre to check out what classes they offer.

    I was trying to focus on the fitness classes in the brochure instead of the chocolate making course they are offering
  • Yesterday, one walk around the block with my handweights. stretching, some static bike, though not very long. Last night, one brisk walk, with a good bit of jogging, around the block.

    Today, so far, one walk around the block with my handweights.
  • 40 minutes of yoga this morning
  • Okay, I'm slowly returning to the land of the healthy
    Friday: 30 minute walk
    Saturday: 1 hour aquacize
  • Monday: 1 hour bike ride, 30 minute walk