True confessions - warning food talk!

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  • Okay, here is our confession box thread as requested

    This girl I know had a chili dog and fries for dinner last night
  • This girl I know has been eating whatever she wants because she is sick, and just doesn't care this week. It has included popsicles for breakfast. And other assorted comfort food.
  • This girl I know didn't eat all day yesterday until almost 9 p.m., and then ate 2 1/2 BLTs with Mayo and Swiss.

    She has done much better today, eating both breakfast and lunch
  • some girl i know got up and made herself some fried potatoes and toast for breakfast instead of oatmeal or cereal. tsk tsk.
    that same girl ate two sugary granola bars. (but she did have her oatmeal for lunch instead!)
  • I know this girl that has been living on halloween candy and pringles for a week and just ate a small dish of choc ice cream. This girl craves comfort food when the days get short and there is no moon - too much darkness.

    But this girl didnt gain a single lb so that is good. And usually keeps total calories down and gets fiber and vitamins and protien.

    Pringles are almost all gone.

    There is that ice cream though...
  • Quote:
    But this girl didnt gain a single lb so that is good.

    no fair!

  • This girl I know was really sucked in by the Wendy's Bacon Cheeseburger commercials, so she ate one for lunch today. She said it wasn't very good, so there's no chance she'll do that again.
  • hehe. a girl i know dies every time that commercial is on. The one with the cheese and mushrooms. sigh. it isn't that great - all salty and all around meh. and yet - the stupid girl is dying to have another one.

    i think i'd better have a little talk with her. tsk tsk tsk.
  • Hee hee! We should tell our friends to make their own that way they can control the nutrition and they'll be muuuuch better.
  • My friend is still trying to ween herself off the sugar binge this week - she had icecream for dessert and mac & cheese for dinner - ugh.

    She is supposed to WI today and see if there is damage but she is chicken. That as she wants pancakes for brkfst like the ones IHOP has been pushing - with the fruit and caramel sauce and whip cream.

    But she has a plan - the treats are for having been pretty damn good for 6 months now. And once I have my hearts desire I can go another 6 months - the last thing she wants to do is greet Turkey Day with a sugar jones - all that pie just sitting out there waiting...

    She realizes she may have to run laps for a week to make up for it - but it will be worth it.
  • Follow up
    Well good news! I convinced my friend that since she WI and the scale is the same (PHEW!) that she shouldnt push her luck with caramel fruity pancakes - so instead she is having a nutrition shake.

  • Well this girl I know hosted a baby shower / pyjama party where the girls all wore their pj's ordered in pizza, drank wine (non-alcoholic cider for the mum to be) ate candy necklaces, sausage rolls, veggies and dip, popcorn and tootsie pops gossiped, talked about men, marriage, babies, family, opened baby gifts and then watched a chick flick! .....I needed Tums the next morning but a good time was had by all!
  • This girl I know... she's switching over to maintenance mode so she's eating more calories these days. The only trouble is, she's still eating the same amount of *real food* she was when she was losing two pounds a week, and the added calories are mostly coming in the form of double desserts
  • My friend ate really ucky yesterday - a kit kat a recess peanut butter cups and a bowl of ice cream.

    Then it occured to her - a bit of a revalation - that how can someone as controlling as she is (and she is - Aries and born on the 1st) let food control her?

    Makes no sense - she should be in control of her food, activities, the house - she is going to take her control back -

    Today wasnt great either - she already ate a mini pringles tub. Who put all this junk food in her house she asks? Why cant she just let it be? Just because she has goodies doesnt mean she has to eat them - it isnt as if they will stop making pringles. (they wont willl they? <panic>)

    Anyway - excecise is the key and since my walking buddy gets off too late to walk after work now that it is dark at 530 - I guess I am on my own.
  • This girl I know, well she weighed in at her lowest weight this morning, then decided to eat chocolate. *sigh*