Eco Chicks!

  • Hi! I've been stuggling with all sorts of things lately not just my weight. Seems all the things I care about are going out the window. I'm unable to committ to ANYTHING including the things I value the most. I was wondering if there were any chicks out there with a passion for the environment? Making the correct dietary choices is so closely tied to this subject. If I could reconnect with mother earth, maybe it will help me lose these stubborn pounds too. Anyone up for a thread on this subject?
  • I can empathize with your feelings of being unable to commit to the things you value the most. I can get that way myself.

    Sometimes it seems like because I'm not eating/wearing/consuming 100% organic/hand made/fairtrade everything, that I'm a bad person. I'm trying to get over the all or nothing mentality though. Each little thing that I can do to make the world a little better, or myself a little healthier is a good thing. It isn't all negated if I also occasionally shop for the cheapest price.

    In the Summer and Fall eating local food is an easy way to do something nice for the environment and your body. In my area we've got some great farmers markets and tons of the produce now is organic. It's not even much more expensive than the supermarket alternatives (& some things are a lot cheaper) It's a good way to connect to what is seasonal for your area.

    Good topic
  • Thanks, Tani. I know I can't be 100% . I used to only eat meat on holidays and when my mom cooked something special. But lately I do unexplainable things like fast food burgers!!!! Way out of control. Especially since I hate all things involved with fast food. But there I was......So I want to get back to my old ways and by posting here I might hold my self accountable.
    I get a box of vegetables once a week from a local farm. It's delicious, although I have a hard time eating everything when my husband is away. My kids aren't big on alot of the more unusual veggies. Anyone have any ideas for radishes??? They usually end up in the compost pile.
  • Meditating against a tree is helpful for reconnecting with Mother Earth. Also, growing your own veggies works wonders too. Talk to your plants!!
  • Hello! I am a big fan of avoiding fast food and processed foods, organics, fair trade products, environmentally friendly cleaning products and natural health and beauty products. I am slowly trying to convert my house hold and lifestyle to be "greener"

    If you are interested there are two threads in the Pagan chick forum - "cleaning green" and one on aromatherapy and natural products for you to read. In the Veggie chicks forum there are some threads on raw foods and organics.