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  • Is that the one with Jet Li in it? I haven't seen it yet but it does look interesting.
  • that is the one with Jet Li and Morgan Freeman. I haven't seen many movies lately where I thought "WOW" and I felt that way last night at the end.
  • I liked Unleashed too - violence and that stuff doesnt really bother me - I like movies where the unloved find love - family love - .

    Cant wait to see brokeback mtn - but I have to wait for DVD since too lazy to drive 35 miles to spend two hrs at a movie and drive home and not enough time in the day when I do my shopping trip.

    Quick notes - Fantastic 4 - ok, not great, good effects. Madagascar, ok - predictable, lacking real emotion (animated - I know) and Dukes of Hazzard - well the movie version is probably more accurate as far as what people are really like, how they talk, etc - but since it was based on a tv show - they could have done better - Uncle Jesse became a dirty joke telling pot smoker with a foul mouth, Bo is in love with his car and Luke is a man slut. Daisy's part is purely for legs since she doesnt have but 5 or 6 lines.
  • we finally watched some movies this last week.
    the road to perdition - very good. enjoyed it a lot, never seen tom hanks in a role where he wasn't a good guy - that i can remember anyway.
    radioland murders - older, but very amusing. sort of slap-stick 3 stooges in some parts, but amusing nonetheless.
    Nell - watched the last half of this movie and liked it very much. though i can see why people made fun of it. hubby even liked it, though he found jody fosters performance to be unbelievable since she plays highly intelligent people.
    Mirrormask - very interesting. not sure if i liked it. enjoyed the imagery but found the story somewhat lacking.
    New World - yawn! it was too long and not interesting enough to be honest. the one thing i did like was the imagery and the choice she made in the end seemed realistic and i was afraid they were going to go in a different direction with it. overall this one gets a meh. but christian bale is still lovely.
    Awesome movie!!!!
    Absolutely loved it. Sad, open, honest, beautiful love story!
    So well, done. Oscars for sure!
  • Wanttolosealot: I agree with you! I love that movie. You experience a wide range of emotions watching that one. =)
  • I loved Brokeback! It was such a good movie.

    I went to see Good Night & Good Luck today. It really was a good movie. I really enjoyed it. George Clooney rocks!
  • i knew i was forgetting one the other day when i posted. we watched the constant gardner and it was very good. very sad, but very good. i definately would recommend it.
  • watched two more... the notebook, which i watched mostly because everyone in my office has seen it and said it made them cry... even the guys... it was pretty good and very sad but no tears for me. *L* just not a movie cryer.

    Also watched monster-in-law and it was alright. a few amusing parts but i felt like the only funny parts were the ones i'd already seen in the trailer, and those were taken out of context. oh well, at least i was going through my stack of magazines while watching, so it wasn't a total waste of 100 minutes. *L*
  • At my son's apartment the other day and we just watched two of his favorite DVD's...True Romance with Chritian Slater and 28 Days Later --it has the guy from Red Eye in it. Both were good.
  • Finally saw Daredevil - all I can say was Elektra was better movie

    Beauty Shop - funny but a tad predictable

    Birth - weird - still not sure if she was nuts or what

    Vanity Fair - ok, the main characture was a bit coniving so it was hard to feel sorry for her when things went bad - also was a bit hard to follow at times - slow and then it would jump ahead in time.

    Wild Things - this is an older movie that was actually pretty good with a great twist at the end.

    Serentity - VERY GOOD! Most impressed, the reviews were terrible but this movie was excellent, it had action, adventure, religion, *** kicking, conspiracy, all of it and it was funny and sad and touching all at the the same time - favorite line "She is really starting to damage my calm" Even DH cracked up over that.

    Chicago - I didnt make it to the end because it was so boring and the entire movie was just the blondes fantasy - I didnt see the end to see if she really got a career or if she just dreamed it all.
  • Did anyone watch the Oscars? and what did you think of John Stewart? I did watch, and wasn't surprised by many of the winners. I liked John too! I thought he was funny.
  • Squeak!! I missed them... first time in YEARS!
    How the **** are ya, sweetie?
  • I watched the Oscars and I thought John Stewart was great!

    I'm not sure why everone is so obsessed with George Clooney and I don't think he gets it either judging from the look on his face when that one lady thanked the academy for sitting her near him at the academy luncheon I think he's a good actor but he's not my idea of "Sexiest man alive" no matter what people magazine says - he's attractive but not my cup of tea.

    I have to admit that I have not seen any of the films that were up for awards this year - but I was rooting for Crash as the writer/director (Paul Haggis) is Canadian and it is supposed to be an awesome film (according to Oprah anyway ).

    I was hoping Matt Dillon would get an Oscar as he has been in the business for a long time now and it was his first nomination - it would have been nice to see him get it.

    I though most of the women looked great - Salma Hayek was gorgeous in that blue dress- but I did not like the dress Charlize Theron was wearing - she is a very attractive woman but the black did not do anything for her and that poufy bow thing on the one shoulder was awful.
  • i was working and missed the oscars, but i did see a picture of that dress. it was pretty scary.
    i'm not big on clooney either really. just about anybody else before him really. When he was on ER i always thought Dr Green was cuter. *L* something about a bald lanky man with a big nose... mmmhm! seriously though I do love Anthony Edwards.
    The only movie that was up for anything that I saw this year was Crash, and it was very good.

    on an off note - i found one of my favorite childhood movie/cartoons on netflix and am excited to watch it again. it's an austrailian movie called "Dot and the Kangaroo" about a little girl who becomes a cartoon and goes out into the outback in the pouch of a kangaroo - or what i can remember of it anyway. they made a couple of them, there was one about bugs i think. i can't wait to watch it again, i hope i'm not disappointed by my taste as a child.