Yay! I exercised today! June 2005

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  • Walked again with a friend after lunch, 40 minutes.
  • well I did my 20 min I usually do in the morning later today, but I've been really sick...so congested I can't breathe, but I did it anyways and now I feel great
  • Good going Ferret! I never did a workout that I regretted!

    Rode bike with DD for about 40 minutes.

  • I got lots of walking and dancing in over my long weekend at festival. My back feels much better finally. Went back to my lunch walk yesterday and I'm getting ready to head out for today's walk. Aquacize tonight.
  • did my yoga workout even though I didn't feel like it again (still horribly congested...ick) but glad I did...
  • Ferret, get better soon, hon!

    Did my 30 minutes of running/walking today!
  • Tuesday night 60 min. aquacize
    Wednesday 30 minute walk
  • Yesterday was a good exercise day for me. I had my 30 minute lunch walk, and then on the bus downtown to catch my ferry home we got stuck in a horrible traffic jam (damned baseball fans) so I got off the bus and walked/jogged 25 minutes to just barely make my boat. Woohoo! Then 60 minutes of aquacize after dinner.
  • I walked 53 minutes in the neighborhood and then an hour in the mountains in a wild animal sanctuary yesterday. 45 minutes walking this morning. I was sluggish after my splurge day.
  • Yesterday 45 elliptical, chest, back, bis and tris.

    Today Tae Bo.

  • Walked 70 minutes this morning.
  • 60 minutes aquacize
  • legs, 1.5 hours of yard work.
  • 42 minutes this morning walking
  • 2 hours of lawn mowing and weed wacking today