Yay! I exercised today! June 2005

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  • 30 minutes of pilates dvd this morning
  • 30 minute walk today, but it hurt like ****. I'm taking two days off completely. It's so hard to take it easy. I remember when I had to force myself to exercise, now I have to force myself to rest. I guess that's a good thing.
  • I hurt my ankle hiking. It feels like a sprain, even though I didn't sprain it! What's the deal? Has anyone ever experienced this? It REALLY HURTS! WAHHH! Now I'm all bummed because I probably won't be able to hike for another week. I TOTALLY know what you mean about giving yourself a rest Tani!!!
  • Purple banana,

    When you say it feels sprained, but you didn't sprain it... Do you mean that there wasn't an incident where you twisted it, or landed wrong, but the pain developed later? If so, you may have just really overused the stabilizing muscles around your ankle. Are you wearing tall hiking boots or low shoes? You may want to go with taller, more supportive footgear if you're not all ready. An ankle brace can help too. If it's just the muscles being over used, you should be all better in a couple days
  • Tani, that may be what's wrong: overusing my muscle! I went to REI (outdoor sports equipment store) today to check out some hiking boots...the really good ones are really out of my price range now, but I think I'll have to save my money for them...I NEED to go hiking! It's the only form of exercise I look forward to and actually WANT ti do!!
  • 20 min pilates DVD
    40 min house cleaning
    and tonight I'm grocery shopping...thinking about a walk too...
  • I got up a 6AM on a sunday and went to my racewalking class. Oy. It kicked my butt. Then, I went to the county fair because our folk dance group got paid to perform there - I think they were just filling a slot because they put us on the Coors Light Rock On! Stage.... it was horrendous. And I'm exhausted.
  • Ahh, 2 hours of back breaking yard work - pulling out weeds, re-doing the entire lawn!! eeek!
  • purplebanana...yeah that'll do it for you!

    well I've only done my morning 10 min spot pilates dvd, but I'm hoping to do something more later today
  • damn men LOL andy always seems to distract me when he has the evening off so I don't get anything else done...such was last night, but i decided to bump it up and begin my day with two of my 10 min pilates workouts...we'll see if that goes better (which I did do today )
  • Yup! that happens to me to when my DH is home

    Did some walking at lunch yesterday and some yoga when I got home
  • I'm going to the gym, where I will be on the elliptical for 30 minutes and the Nautilus machines for about 15 minutes. Then I might do some tennis or DDR. At least one of the two, if not both.
  • today i also went on a two mile walk so i'm feeling pretty good
  • Walk TO and FROM work today for a total of around 9 miles. Woo hoo!
  • Wow Jessica, how awesome to be able to walk to work. I'm so jealous! My commute is bus-ferry-bus. I've been toying with the idea of getting a bike and making that bus-ferry-bike, but I need to find a safer route than I had the last time I was doing that.