Yay! I exercised today! May 2005

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  • New exercise thread - let's get moving in May!

    Today I did 30 minutes of stairwork
  • Someone in another thread had posted a link to Yourself!Fitness a few days ago and I thought it looked like the coolest thing ever. I mean, what is better than an exercise 'game' for my PS2? So I got it Friday and did my 'assessment' today. Whoo! Just the assessment kicked my butt, (jumping jacks for two minutes killed me! I am SO out of shape!), but am really looking forward to the daily workout
  • 30 minute walk at lunch today
  • Well, according to the Fitness assesment I can only handle 15 min workouts a day I got up at 5am to do it and man, it whooped my butt. I can really tell that I am out of shape. Tonight my legs are killing me, feels like I have a constant 'charlie horse' but its all worth it in the long run!
  • Tae-Bo with Billy Blanks.

  • Ditto from last night's post. Plus cheer practice tonite! Go Broncos!!!!

  • Monday: 30 minutes walking. I was going to do more in the evening, but a headache kicked my butt.
  • Yesterday I did a 30 min "Bhangracize your booty" workout I got at the public library. It wasn't a bad workout but I just can't get those Indian hand poses while dancing and NOT fall over. It's pretty sexy dancing though, so there will just be some days when I need to revisit. I think I'll be back to a pilates tape while the little one naps this afternoon & a bike ride with the larger male provided it's not hailing tonight.
  • 30 minute walk, 60 minutes aquacize
  • 45 minutes elliptical and shoulder work.

  • ggbun-I have a video on Classical Indian Dance-and there is a reason that Indian women start learning it when they are about 3 years old. My video goes through about 10,000 hand positions and their names. I will be 70 before I memorize them all. Next Sunday I am taking a 2 hour workshop on Classical Indian Dance though-maybe learning it "in person" with an expert will help some.

    Exercise-yesterday (Tuesday) I did 20 minutes of belly dancing, and 15 minutes of yoga.

  • 55 min of pilates yesterday - and i'm cycling over to "my" band's rehearsal tonight. That's 30 min each way if I haul a**. I say "my" cuz I'm NOT the lead singer - another childhood dream dashed - but I am the manager.
  • Aphil - the vid I did mainly had two hand poses. "Classical Indian" with the fingers all spread. And, my personal fav: "woof woof" that, yes, looked like you were making a dog shadow puppet. It was my fav cuz you kept hearing the woman's instructions interlaced with "woof woof". "Kay, step, cross, step, knees, woof woof!"
  • 30 minute walk and 30 minutes on the mini trampoline
  • 10 miles on my bike yesterday in 1 hour.