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  • Went to see the movie "Saw" on Friday night - scaaaaary stuff! Some very harrowing movie, lots of tension and very twisted.

    The couple in front of us left 15 minutes into the movie - guess they couldn't take the subject matter. Definitely not for the faint of heart but a great movie for those who like suspense films about serial killers.
  • I enjoyed it too. Though there were even a few spots where hubby was grimacing while watching. Graphic but good.
    We also watched the remake of some zombie movie, the title escapes me, it has ving rames in it. best zombie movie i've seen and the DVD has excelled special features. Best I've seen in a long time.
  • It was probably Dawn of the Dead - they just released the remake on DVD. I agree - it was very good - nice update of one of my favorites. They are filming George A. Romero's next film " Land of the Dead" in Toronto and my DH is on the call back list for being an extra - keeping my fingers crossed for him as he is a huge fan!
  • Hey-we just bought Dawn Of The Dead on dvd too this weekend...we saw it in the theatre and were very happy with the remake.
  • That's what it was, thank you. And it really was very good, and I don't even usually enjoy those types of movies. The extras are fantastic. They have a news report and a video diary of Andy's final days. Very well thought out.
  • We bought "Garfield" the movie at Costco. I fell asleep!!! Hope that tells ya how good it is. Definitely one I will be putting up for sale on FeeBaY.
  • We are thinking of going to see "The Grudge" this weekend?

    Has anyone seen it yet? What did you think?
  • I heard the Grudge was awesome. I plan to see it this weekend. I watched Gothika last night and was a little afraid to go upstairs in the dark to go to bed. Funny me.

  • Even the preview on tv for the grudge freaked me out. i don't think i want to see it. *L*

    Am planning on watching "saved!" this weekend. It looks so funny. I'll let you know.
  • I liked "Saw" too. Our thing (DH and I) has been watching old movies. If you have never seen the full Omen series. Check it out. In the Omen III Sam Neil plays Damian and actually acts But there are alot of old great actors in all the movies and some familiar faces.

    Looking forward to "National Treasure", "The Grudge", and "The Incredibles"
  • Chris, I loved the Omen series. It's a classic.
  • A friend of mine just gave me the series on DVD as a gift. It has 1-4 in it - I'll lend it to you sometime if you like ellis.

    Okay, I have to confess that I have spent the last week watching the Scream network on t.v and watched all 3 Chucky movies. We are probably going to see the new one next weekend
  • Oh, no need to apologize, Mauvais! Chuckies are classics, too!
    Thanks... I'd love to borrow the 3 Omens that I don't have!
  • Hubby saw grudge this weekend said it was like The Ring on Steriods. Said that it scared the crap out of DD and that it would of been one of the scariest movies he had seen if it had not been for the crowd at the theater and obnoxious? people being rude.
  • I LOVE Chucky. Especially Bride of Chucky. I want to watch the new one. We watched a few movies this past weekend.
    Saved! Which I found very funny. It is not for everyone, if you take Christianity seriously you may find it offensive. I thought it had a great cast and a messege that I found backwardly enlightening.
    White Chicks - well, honestly, i slept through most of it. what i saw was funny, but it was one of those sort of gross out movies. You know the ones.
    Envy - DO not watch this. Ugh. It was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. If I was watching this at home, it would not have passed the 20 minute rule (you know, give it 20 minutes and if you hate it turn it off). The only redeeming quality of the movie was Christopher Walken, who I love. I was very disappointed with this movie.