January Challenge!

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  • I thought we might try a small monthly challenge this time to see how this works out for everyone

    If you would like to join in please post the following info....

    Starting weight: Your current weight

    Loss goal: How many lbs you would like to lose by January 31, 2005

    Personal challenge: i.e. to start an exercise routine, quit smoking, keep a journal (anything you would like to do for yourself this month)

    P.S. we can start on January 1st or 3rd whatever everyone prefers
  • My info for the challenge......

    Start weight: 171 lbs

    loss goal: 5lbs

    Personal challenge: Keeping a food and exercise journal on a daily basis.
  • My starting weight 155 lbs

    My goal for the end of January is 150 lbs....Trying out small

    I plan to keep an exercise journal and try to keep some sort of journal keeping track of my thoughts during this trouble some time.....
  • Thanks, Mauvais!

    Start Weight: 195 (home scale)
    Loss Goal: 6 pounds

    Personal challenge: Track my food! And get back to the Y!
  • Count me in -

    Start weight: 228
    Pounds to lose: 10 (I'm doing SBD Phase 1 this week and next - and if the book is correct, this is a doable goal, fingers crossed!)

    Personal Goal: exercise 6 times a week, whether at the gym, with WATP, or at least 10k steps for a day. (or all three! )

    Thanks for doing this, Mauvais!

  • I am not going to weigh in until I am off TOM... Started this AM.

    If the scale stays true I will be 155- I would like to lose 15 in January since I have a Ball to go to on January 29 and would like to buy a new ball gown in several sizes smaller than right now, but I am going to shoot for 2 pounds a week so that is 7 or 8 pounds.

    I will post official weight on Monday-

    Other goals for the month is walk every day that I am off- 3 to 4 times a week.
    Increase my water intake.

  • This time I'm actually going to join you in a challenge!

    Start Weight: 225ish

    Loss goal: no real weight loss goal, but 5 lbs would be nice.

    Personal goal: I want to instate my new lower calorie/fat/bad carbs/cook once a month and freeze meals diet. I got a book on how to do it and everything.

    I also want to work myself up to a solid twice a week at the gym. I'm starting small, otherwise nothing will get done.
  • Me too!!
    Well, I just posted my mini-success story on the 2004 Accomplishments thread. I am ready to tackle January full force! My goal is to lose 6 pounds this month.

    Here are the stats and the plan (these have been my guidelines for the last six weeks which helped me lose 12 1/2 pounds over the holidays):

    Jan 1 Weight: 170 pounds
    Jan 31 Goal: 164 pounds

    Aerobic activity (mainly run, bike, swim, kickboxing) 3 to 4 times a week, 30 to 60 minutes
    Strength training 2 times a week (divided by upper and lower)
    Sign up for Belly Dancing class

    Track calories and limit to 1300 - 1600 per day
    Eat 4 to 5 meals per day
    Drink at least 64 oz water each day
    Add protein to each meal
    More whole grains/veggies/fruit & fewer refined flour products & sugars
    No food is off limits as long as I stay within daily calorie range
    One meal a week eat whatever I want in unlimited quantity

    Weight loss comes to down to my own choices.
    I am in control of my body and my food choices.
    I will choose to exercise as planned no matter how tired or lousy I feel.
    I will not disrespect myself, cheat myself, lie to myself, or hurt myself any longer.
    I will learn from my mistakes and make better choices next time.
    I can and will be and am successful.
  • Well Saturday was the last day of bad eating for me. It all seemed to go downhill between Christmas and New Years Eve

    So today I am throwing out any leftover goodies, chips and Christmas baking, making up a menu for next week and a grocery list of healthy OP foods. I can't grocery shop fully until Tuesday since we are getting a new fridge delivered that day. It kind of gives me an incentive to fill it full of good food
  • Was MIA (think I got lost in the kitchen)
    Hello girls! I know I have been missing and I hope you are all doing well. Those holidays were a killer, gained 5 pounds. Had a great time but now it's back to working!

    I am ready for another challenge and it being a small one, I might be able to complete it. My goals for January are as follows

    Start Weight 147
    January 31 weight 140

    No alcohal for the entire month of January (okay starting today Jan 3)
    Exercise at least three times a week
    Drink the necessary water

    Take Care!
  • Bahhhhh

    I am up 4 pounds this AM... I had a bad weekend eating a combination of holiday and TOM. I have been real good during my TOM lately but this weekend got the best of me. SO I will start this challenge out at 159 and I am going to go for 150 because I still feel like I am retaining fluid.

    Goals for the month get back on track and stay OP.
    Exercise at least 30 minutes on my days off.
    Up my H2O intake.

  • Count me in

    Jan 3rd Weight: 153
    Jan 31st Goal: 149

    Personal Goal: try to stop eating sugar and exercise at least three times a week
  • Well I went back to ww last night after missing 5 weeks and I am up 5lbs

    I have planned out my menu for the week and I am grocery shopping tomorrow.
  • Maux,

    Looks like alot of us are in the same boat right now. Makes for nice company I think.

    Didn't do the exercise yesterday so today's got to be the day. I still have to do the grocery thing as well.

  • mind if i join in
    i was reading your posts for the Jan challenge, and got motivated to set a goal. I think what did it is that several of are really close to my own weight (and i think strong bad is funny)

    So if its ok with you guys I'm in.

    Start weight: 192 lbs (sorta)

    loss goal: 5lbs

    Personal challenge: to start going back to the gym...my motivation the gym has cable and i don't. I need to get hooked on a cable show so i will drag my bum to the gym to watch it. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I really really really never want to see the 190's on the scale ever again