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  • A new movie review thread just in time for the onslaught of new releases!

    I am dying to see "Suspect Zero" starring Ben Kingsley and "Hero" starrring Jet Li

    Recently watched "Ichi the Killer", a Japanese film. It was weird, gross and very violent- some of the martial arts films can be like that. I also watched a Chinese film called The Eye, a supernatural thriller about a blind woman that receives a cornea transplant and begins to see strange things -that was very creepy in some parts
  • Mauvais, some of those Japanese thrillers have scared (and scarred) me for life!

    I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 last week, and Michael Moore is truly a breath of fresh air! Sometimes itís just nice to see a movie that doesnít pretend to be something else, doesnít try to be subtle Ė but proudly has a mission and strong opinions. And you can decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree with those opinions.
    I really enjoy his movies; itís this mix of the absurd, hysterical and heartbreaking! I always end up crying though.

    I also watched Shrek 2, and I donít understand why I havenít seen this before: it was absolutely hilarious, charming Ė and full of these fantastic movie and television references! And great actors/voices too. Wonderful movie!
  • Garden State is faboo. Very well done, the acting is great and the storyline is charming.
  • Mystic River - good but kind of depressing.
    Bad Santa - not so good, but also depressing.
    Anger Management - hubby loved it. Everyone else that watched it hated it, including me. Just wasn't that funny, and was predictible.
  • Jess: I saw Garden State too, definitely the best movie I have seen this year.


  • Just saw Secret Window. Learned two things 1. even when trying to play evil Johnny Depp only comes across as sexy. and 2. Steven King's movies/books are more disappointing than highschool sex.

    I don't get it. We keep watching them, but we never really enjoy them. We keep giving him another chance...and it's always the same thing. The movie is awesome for the first half and then it just hits a wall and turns around and dies. It's like he took a break writing and then when he came back it was gone. Or two stories were patched together. I don't get it. Dreamcatcher actually caused me physical pain it ended so badly. And it was so good in the beginning too.
    Okay, done with my King rant. I'll just pray that Depp doesn't try to pull off scary again. Crazy he can do. But scary just doesn't work.
  • King movies to watch - Carrie (I love that one), Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me (based on his story The Body), Green Mile (though that one made me cry quite a bit).

    And yes, Johnny Depp is just plain sexy!
  • squeaker - you're right, i wasn't being fair. I do love Stand by me and carrie and i didn't know he did green mile. I was honestly just thinking of his most recent works, which have been greatly disappointing. Especially Dreamcatcher and Secret Window.

    Now, I can totally list Johnny Depp movie recomendations. Like Chocolat and we recently watched one called Dead Man which was excellent. And I can not wait for the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate factory with him as Willy Wonka (and directed by Tim burton) that one I am excited for!
  • High school sex is dissapointing?!? Man, I'm glad I didn't miss anything!
  • Liziness- I agree with you on the Stephen King thing. I find his short stories or novels work well as movies but his horror stories don't translate well.

    I find a lot of his books drag on and on and then go nowhere and have a lousy ending or the first half is great and you get a rip off ending that I like to call the "the tacked on 5 minute ending". I really liked the first half of "It" and then it got a little boring and then the ending was cheap, awful and a rip off!

    Secret Garden was very predictable. I like his older stuff better. I enjoyed The Shining, Christine, Carrie and the Dead Zone. I think I quit reading his horror novels after The Tommyknockers - that one really put me off.

    Having said that Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile were two of my favorite movies
  • I remember I tried to read Christine when I was in highschool and it was one of the hardest books to read. I got about 1/3 into it and just gave up. There is such a thing as too much description!! That was my main complaint.

    Hubby and I joked about Dream Catcher, it was like he got up to go to the bathroom and when he got back he'd flushed his inspiration or something. It was like he got tired of writing or list his muse or something.

    Any yes, Jessica I can confirm for you... you missed NOTHING!!! And probably only 3 minutes of it.
  • Open Waters: not much to it.
    Little Black Book: predictable chick flick
    Anaconda: Yuck (and suck acting to boot)
    Manchurian Candidate: Love Densel Washington and Merrill Streep
    Paparazzi(sp?): actually much better then expected
  • I'm still catching up on older movies. "Bruce almighty" and little bit too jim carrey-ish, but amusing nonetheless. "Hidalgo" the boys liked it, I fell asleep for most of it. "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring" a foreign film, hardly any speaking, but beautifully set and filmed. I loved it, though it is quite slow moving
  • I saw Resident Evil -Apocalypse - it was great! Mindless zombie kickass action! (hey, I wasn't expecting Shakespeare)
  • I just saw "Shaun of the Dead" tonight - hilarious take on Zombie movies! Well written, well acted and well produced. Two thumbs up from all six of us that went to see it. I think it was one of the best films I have seen this year - a must for fans of Zombie movies!