Yay! I exercised today! (September)

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  • exercisers!

    Last night I belly danced for 1 1/2 hours in a sweatbox of a room - it felt like Bikram bellydance! I felt great afterwards though
  • I have cycled 10.3 miles since last Friday.

    Yes Ellis, I really did.
  • Yay Squeak!!!!!
  • Way to go Squeaker!
  • Thanks, Sarah!
    How's it going with the new owners?

    Mauvais and Squeak, good going, girls!!!
  • Thanks!

    I am up to 13.5 miles total after this weekend. I like it because I can kind of mindlessly pedal while I am playing on the computer or watching TV.
  • Oooooh... that's smart, Squeak! I never thought of putting one in front of the computer!
  • 1 hour of walking today
  • 1/2 hour walking today. 20 minutes of cycling yesterday.
  • Sarah Ė I totally agree: lifting weights is great exercise! And your gym sounds so nice; instructors who could put together a program for you and teach you how to do the exercises is probably easy to come by!
    Iíve only lifted weights at the gym for a couple of months, but Iím both stronger and more toned already. Iíve found that itís all about lifting heavy, getting your body out of the comfort zone, and eating enough protein!
    And those 30lbs dumbbells I couldnít do even one of last week? This week I did 3 before I had to go back to the 26lbs dumbbells. Yey!

    ellis Ė good going on the rowing machine! I think 20 minutes is a very long time on a rowing machine too - so Iím impressed!

    Iíve found out that running on the treadmill is excellent exercise Ė especially doing intervals and alternating between 5, 6 and 7 miles/hour! I donít last for very long, but Iím so amazed that I actually can run 7m/h!

    Öso not only am I aiming for ďstrongĒ, Iím now aiming for ďfastĒ too!

    And yes: Iíve done my 3 weightlifting routines for the week: lower body Monday, arms and chest Wednesday, back and stomach today. And cardio (aka the treadmill!) all 3 days!
  • Well, I'm not doing it today, but I signed up for a water arobics class finally, and it's going alright! Monday was my first one and I couldn't finish it all. But on Wednesday I was able to complete the whole thing. I'm completely exhausted from work this week and I am going straight home to lay around... but I plan to be back tomorrow. And then start going M, W, Fri every week. If all the 70 year olds can do it, I can at least try to keep up with them. *LOL* It is kinda depressing being the youngest person there and the most out of shape.
  • Lizziness, I predict you will grow to love water aerobics. It can be tough at first.

    Here's some motivational words for you: Last year, after I'd been going for about 8 months and going quite hardcore (despite my 300+ lbs), a couple of "skinny" girls came to class.

    They didn't complete the hour. They were hurtin' puppies, and decided it would be better to sit in the hot tub.

    They never returned for any more classes.

    You go, girl!

  • Aquafit is awesome - I used to go when I had access to a gym. I hated the gym but loved the water aerobics

    guess I will close this since we are now in October