Weekly weigh in May 17+

  • Good morning chiquitas!

    Went to WW last night....:

    -the bad news - haven't lost anything

    -the good news - haven't gained anything

    I will have to work harder this week since we don't have a meeting next week due to the holiday Monday. (Victoria Day for us Canucks!)
  • Alas, I too remained the same. Which is still better than gaining.

    Upon reviewing my materials, I note that my losses started slowing down after we started with the flexpoints. I am therefore going back to winning points this week to see what happens.

  • well i went up. but only 3 pounds yet my clothes didn't get tight so i am happy about that.
  • I keep wobbling back and forth between 163 and 164, so I'm not claiming it yet. OTOH I'm down from 166 pounds and 41"-33"-41" at the beginning of the month, so I can't complain. I suspect that from here on out, the scale won't move too much. It's a matter of body composition now, losing fat and retaining or even gaining muscle. And a lot of sit-ups to get that stomach down.
  • 2 more, for a total of 32. Chug-a-chug-chug.......