Yay! I exercised today! April

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  • New exercise thread for the month of April.

    Congratulations to everyone who was movin' and losin' in March!
  • Walk to work 25 minutes.
    Walk to physio 30 minutes.
  • kicked hubby out and did my WATP. it is really starting to become a daily habit. haven't lost pounds but my legs are getting a lot smaller. yeah!!
  • 30 minutes rowing machine
    45 minutes weights
    20 minutes elliptical
  • I did Kathy Smith Kickboxing tonight, and this time I finished it. I gave up on it back in January. I wish it wasn't so late, I'd exercise more. I am in a really REALLY crabby mood and I'd love to throw some more punches.
  • A Bazillion Stomach Crunches & Streches With The Body Ball....
  • Walked for 30 minutes with DD... first actual exercise in 4 months.
  • Aqua-aerobics, had a good time, so nice to be gravity-free, and I'm high on that chlorine bouquet!
  • Saturday

    Walked and walked and walked and walked...Judging. For 11 Hours. But it helped walk out and flush out the kidney stone. Ahhhhhhhhh.
  • Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the Y I go...
    Haven't been since last Sunday... Got a bit winded walking up the 2 flights to the Cardio Room Maybe that was my warmup!

    50 minutes on the elliptical trainer at level 1
    5 minute Fitness Test on the treadmill (Result = 23, or Poor)
    Ha! That's WHY I'm doing this...
    10 minutes on the rower
    639 calories burned
  • Golf today. Losing 50 pounds has put 20 yards on my drive, and I've had to go down 1 club all down the line! And I'm not winded at all, unlike last year. However, my putting sucks. The Golf Gods giveth, and the Golf Gods taketh away.
  • Sarah, what kind of treadmill test did you do? Was this at a gym?
  • Spent 1 hour or so dancing at a club last night - other than that just walking
  • Jennifer -

    Yep! It was on... hmm, believe the machine brand is Life Fitness. One of the options on the display panel, besides Cardio, Fat Burn, etc, is Fitness Test. It sets itself up for 5 minutes at a speed you choose (2.0-4.5 mph I think is the range), then it measures your heart rate as you walk or jog. It ramps itself up too, into a little hill. I pick 3.0 mph because right now I'm a wuss heh!

    I don't know what the number range is, though higher numbers are better! I test myself every so often to see if I'm making progress Last time I did it in February, I was at 21/Poor, now I'm at 24/Poor. I know 25 is in the Below Average range since I saw that a while back when I was going more regularly. Soon I'll get to that, then Average then Above Average then maybe HOT MAMA!
  • More YMCA torture:

    30 minutes elliptical
    25 minutes treadmill
    7 minutes rower
    500 cals because I am pooped out from lack of sleep last night!

    This Daylight Savings stuff is hard to get used to, especially when I got up at 5 am ("really" 4 am to my bod!) this morning to get to work. Phew! Gonna wash some dishes now, read a bit in bed then snooze my well-deserved 8 hours hehehe!