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  • Good morning everyone!

    My "date" with hubby last night was great. We went out to dinner at our favorite local haunt and then to see "Big Fish" . Had a great time

    I have to run out to Costco this morning - wah! I hate the Saturday crowds but we need to pick up some stuff for DH's Superbowl party next weekend.

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  • Glad you liked the movie! I hope to see Big Fish this afternoon. The superbowl is next weekend? I thought it was tomorrow!
  • Glad you had fun Mauvais!!! How was the movie? (Or did you put that under movies? I'll go check.)
  • Glad you had fun on your date Mauvais!

    Went to see Mystic River last night with sis#2. It was her 17th birthday, so we went to see her first rated R movie. At least the first one that she could have gone to without a parent. We both really enjoyed it. Today - out to lunch with the family. Tomorrow - work.
  • Hi all
    Going to get nose pierced tonight! Will let you all know how painful it was!
    Have a good day!
  • Yeah...And what's airing right after Superbowl Sunday??


    I've been a survivor junkie since the 1st series. My favorite guy was Rudy. He's coming back for the all-stars!! ALong with other nice and mean survivor contestants. The only bummer is I'm going to see Starlight Express that night in Hollywood!! Ack!! I hope hub or the Mother-In-Law will tape it for me.

    Well, we got the truck back finally. So far so good. The guy apologized left and right and didnt charge us that extra crap they usually do. So that's good news cause I'm driving the truck up to So. Cal. to haul stuff there and haul stuff back. Oh and to pick up my new son, the legless rat Roo. He's just missing 1 leg but he hops around like a kangaroo. I'll post lottsa pics for you.
  • Noodles: is that Starlight Express a musical? I just wondered because around 1987 I saw a Starlight Express on Broadway. It had a short run. It was about a train.

    Last night, rented Bowling for Columbine with some friends. Have you all seen it? I thought it was great.

  • I liked Bowling for Columbine. It hits the nail on the head!

    Mystic River - funny you mention that. We saw it a few months ago, and then it left the theater about 2 months ago. Then suddenly out of the blue, it is playing again at the other theater in town. Weird, eh?? I've never seen one come back again.

    Oops, this isn't the movie thread! Tonight we watched a video, and then went to Ruby Tuesdays to eat dinner. I feel like we wasted money, I just didn't have an appetite when we got there. I hate when that happens!

    Will somebody come over and balance my checkbook? Pleeeease? I have a wallet full of check card receipts that I need to write in the check register before I can even take a guess at how much money I have (or don't have!) in the bank. I'm so bad.
  • Check cards are sooooo easy to use but they can make life way difficult later! LOL
  • YUP!! Bowling for Columbine was a REALLY good movie.

    Jennifer-I'll balance your checkbook if you clean my house!! (Even PART of it!!!)
  • Quote: Noodles: is that Starlight Express a musical? I just wondered because around 1987 I saw a Starlight Express on Broadway. It had a short run. It was about a train.
    Yeah, its a musical about trains but it is all done on Roller Skates!! Hence why Noodles has to go see it. I saw it at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1997 and it was great then. I cant wait to see it at the Pantages...I wish I could of skated IN it but I got hit by a car in 1990 and that ended my skating career for a bit. I can still do the dances though, but no more double jumps. **sigh**
  • Hey Noodles, I can't wait to see your new pics of the new ratties. My favorite pic that you posted was of you at the kitchen sink with your back to us and your cat in the door with his back to us. Second runner up was the cool cat girls in bikinis. That fluffy gray one could come live at my house anytime.
  • Awww thanks. Sometimes I wonder if people even look at them so it's good to know people do! hehehe...

    I coulda KILLED the cat this morning. 2 hours sleep and MEOWR? MREOWR? UGH!!! He has NO Reason to meow....grrr....
  • Morning Ladies been a busy weekend for me. running around like a chicken with her head cut off
    this week is looking to be a hectic week for me. so i am sure i will be poking my head in and out.

    Virginia, are you piercing the side, or the septum?
  • Noodles-You bet we look at them!!! Just wish I had a digital camera so I could show you all my baby girl...who slept on top of me last night!!!!