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  • Hi girls
    Just came back from an Emotions Annonymous meeting! If you have not been before I suggest you check it out if you have problems emotionally like I know a lot of us here do. It is based on the Twelve step program from AA so I felt like I fit right in. Very good program. I went with a friend who goes, for support for her ,and found myself in a lot of their faces. I highly recommend.
  • Hi Everyone!!

    Just wanted to let you know I was home safe and sound!! But I got a nastyyyy cold/flu/bug!! UGH. It is kicking my A**... Figures. I went down there and everyone I knew was sick so it was just a matter of time I guess until I got it. I'm glad I got it here at home though instead of there. I can be sick in my nice warm bed.

    I will post more later when I feel better... Got lots to tell you!! But for now I am going back to bed..Achoo!!
  • Hey Noodles, hope you feel better soon!

    Alternachicks has been very quiet for 2 days! Are we all away exercising and shopping for healthy food?

    I didn't do my Taebo presentation for the neighborhood tonight, so I had spare time for the computer. The last few days have been willllllld though. Birthday shopping/church researching and working OT, as usual. I have an entire weekend off, though. Yayyyyy!
  • Whose birthday is it? Is it mine?
  • Yes Ellis, it's yours! I got you lots of Pokemon cards, I hope you like them!
  • Oh yeah, and remote control fart machine!
  • Glad u are feeling better noodles, try some good ol' herbal tea. and my standby chicken soup!!!!

    remote controlo fart machine? you are a demon on the shopping front. lol bu tthe next time u want farts just ask me and i will tape my lil girl for ya.. we don't call her rumple butt for nothing ( must be the fact she is lonely girl running round with all these boys..)
  • "rumple butt"... Cute, Heather.

    Enjoy your weekend off, Jennifer!

    I slept in this morning. Little DS was up at 1:30 with an ear ache. The Tylenol, heating pad and soothing words finally kicked in at around 5 this morning, and I got a couple of hours sleep. (after reluctantly keeping him company watching "Those Magnificient Men in Their Flying Machines")
    I've called both kids in sick (DD will be delighted. She's got a heavy cold, but we told her last night that she WOULD be going to school this morning!), and I've got to go out for breakfast with a friend this morning. I'm supposed to be having a nervous breakdown this week, and I haven't had a honkin' minute to myself to get it done.
  • Ellis-Sorry your kids are sick sweetie. We sent DS13 back today. Still sounds terrible, but at least he isn't contagious any more!!! (And he got his project done...even though it nearly killed me!!!) By the way...YOUR birthday isn't for 9 more days...(!!!!!)

    Blugirl-Sounds like m younger son!!!

    Jennifer-YIKES!!! Cool presents!! I bet my younger son would LOVE the fart machine!!! His "birthday list" is REALLY annoying. All computer stuff (and MAC so a bit harder to find), gaming and techie related. His latest project? He found the specs for a portable NES. He wants to take our old one and turn it into a portable. So he wants a desoldering iron and a soldering iron for his birthday!!!

    Noodles-YEESH!! Hope you feel better soon. Missed you!!

    Virginia-Sounds interesting! Didn't know they even existed!!
  • ellis -Sorry to hear about the kids please check your pm's today.

    Den- at least your ds is doing something constructive and not just wanting really useless goofy stuff Just make sure he takes care of you in your old age after he becomes a billionaire software developer

    BTW my hubby had a remote control fart machine which he used to play practical jokes on his friends when they came over He actually "clean sweeped" it a couple of weeks ago....
  • I am feeling frisky ladies...I color my hair once a month..."light auburn red." I am taking it up a notch "Intense Red Copper." A shade darker...and much more RED. Ain't nothing like a redhead wearing black, is there Mauvais?

    Remote control fart machine...reminds me of some of my husbands possessions. I'll name a few. He has a Beavis and Butthead thing that you sit on top of the tv...and they "talk" and "make comments" whenever you use the remote control. He has a strobe light and a lava lamp. He has a Halloween "Michael Meyers" doll that plays the theme music when you squeeze him...I tell you...I have actually had store clerks ask me if I was shopping for "my son" or "little brother" when I am actually picking my husband out a gift.
  • Your hubby sounds like mine Aphil! He recently acquired an Ozzy Osbourne statuette that yells out "Rock n' Roll" in Ozzy's voice when you press the button on it.

    And yes, a redhead dressed in black is very striking
  • Just checking in to say hi ladies! Going to set my goal for weight loss to begin on Monday. I will eat till then. If I do not set a goal I will never get back in the swing of things again.
  • Aww..Thanks for the good vibes girls!!

    Well...I brought home two "Special Needs" rats. Can you say Sucker?!! I just love them to pieces!! The gal that gave them to me got thousands of emails asking for this 1 rat named "Roo". Roo is missing 1 limb and his other is deforemed. He was on the rescue web page and she decided to let ME have him! I am honored! And I also got his brother...Harry. He has a stub for a foot and a stump for a tail. Anyhow, I got pics!! Do ya wanna see??
  • Noodles, yes let's see. I went to the link you had posted about the special needs rats, and about cried. It has been years since i have had a pet rat and if i wasn't so sure my cat wouldn't have a fit i would love to adopt one myself!!
    i love your pics of the ratties, the one of all them in the tub is so cute.