Summer Challenge!

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  • Well here we are in the New Year and I am sure we all have some resolutions in mind

    I know it seems early but summer will sneak up on us and then we will be thinking -
    ďACK! I canít wear shorts/tank tops/bathing suits!!!!! I canít believe I did nothing with
    myself for six months and now itís summer! WAH!

    So NOW is a good time to start!

    We will begin on January 5 so that we can all have time to gear up, get rid of the Holidayleftovers and restock our kitchens with the items we need.

    If you are interested in joining this challenge please post the following:

    Your current weight:
    Your June 5th goal:
    Plan that you are following:
    What you will do to reach that goal: i.e. lifestyle changes, personal motivation etc.
    What you will do when you get to your goal: i.e. a reward of some kind.

    I am making this into a sticky so that we can review our goals as we need to.

    Good luck to everyone!
  • Current weight: 168lbs

    June 5th goal: 150 lbs

    Plan that I are following: ww/SBD

    What you will do to reach that goal:
    plan weekly menus, exercise 3 X week - I have already signed up for 2 dance classes per week
    - keep junk food out of my house,
    -I am going to ww meetings with 2 friends for support

    Reward: some new summer clothes, a day at a spa

    Personal goals:
    read the books that I have accumulated over the last 6 months
    brush up on my languages
    save money to buy a house
    get my apartment and paperwork in order
  • Mauvais, you're catching up very quickly! What a good mod you are.

    Current weight: 183 lbs

    June 5th goal: 150 lbs

    Plan that I am following: SBD

    What you will do to reach that goal:
    - exercise 3 X week +
    - keep OP foods in the house
    - if I'm going to cheat, cheat OP!

    Reward: looking good.
  • Oh Mauv, you're my hero, you saved your posts!

    Here are my goals:

    Current weight: 215.5 lbs

    June 5th goal: 190 lbs
    August 23rd goal: 175 (final goal, possibly)

    Plan that I am following: SBD

    What you will do to reach that goal:
    - Cardio 3x a week, Weights 3x a week
    - Stay OP at all times - one cheat scheduled for DS's birthday cake
    - Journal, Drink, Move!

    Reward: Maybe a trip to the beach!
  • I don't remember my old goals, but i'll try...

    current: 220
    goal: under 200
    plan: not sure yet, sbd book coming to me soon we'll see...

    want to pay more attention to how i am eating, but my main goal is to start to exercise.

    so far i've not done it at all. unless you count the 20 minute work out trying to get through the snow and ice to get home every day this last week. and i only have to walk a block and a half!

    my other goal is to stop watching so much TV. Try a new good for me recipe every month.

    My reward will be feeling better and maybe some new clothes or hair
  • CW : 193
    GW: 140
    plan : am just trying to change my whole lifestyle. portion control ( a major prob. for me) lots of water. move more.
    reward : to finally wear the pile of jeans that sits in the back of my closet for " some day"
  • Can you add me to your summer challenge, I am a newbie and need help motivating myself....

    I started losing weight in May of last year but I have only dropped 20 pounds in all that time. I would like to lose another 20 by June so that I can wear a bathing suit and not cringe.

    sw 185
    cw 165
    gw 145
  • Hi everyone

    Hey Mauvais - Thanks for getting us back on track.

    My current weight: 189.5 (gained 6.5lbs over the last month )

    My June 5th goal: 169.5

    Plan that I am following: WW

    What I will do to reach that goal: I will track everyday, I will try to walk 5 days a week, I have signed up for 2 belly dance classes

    What I will do when I get to your goal: I will jump up and down for joy - oh and buy some new clothes. I'm also thinking about buy the computerized points converter/tracker from WW.

    That's it for now gang.

  • Summer...
    Well, I'm feeling pretty motivated with the New Year, partly because I felt so bad about gaining weight back over the last five months. And I'm just so sick and tired of this being the overriding issue in my life. My weight as of Jan 1 was 185.5 , and now in my first week I shed four pounds. Great start but I just keep thinking about all the pounds in front of me and the fact that I'm RE-LOSING this weight.

    So from the beginning of the year there are about 22 weeks until June. I would like to average losing around a pound a week... so I am going to set my goal weight loss range at 20-25 pounds by June 1st. So that would put me at around 160-165. And if I'm really on track, I hope to lose more.

    I will eat smaller meals throughout the day, focusing on whole grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. I want to increase my protein intake and try to have some protein with each meal. I also am incorporating a Myoplex shake as one small meal each day. I want to keep my daily calorie intake below 1800, preferably around 1500 calories; this would equal five small 300 calorie meals a day, or four 400 calories meals for 1600 total. I will be avoiding restaraunts as much as possible.

    For exercising, my plan is to work out five days a week. M, W, & F will be three cardio workouts; this will include one swimming session, one biking session, and one walking/running session. T & Th will be for weights; one workout upper body and the other lower body.

    I am going to track all of my food and exercise on a daily basis, officially weigh in on Mondays, and take my measurements once a month.

    Let the games begin!
  • cw 175
    gw 140
    gw by june 1 150

    My plan is to eat 1500-1700, three meals with two snacks a day
    Quality protien (some beans and tofu and a few meatless meals)baked chicken, grilled fish
    high volume/ low cal veggies, whole grain bread in moderation.
    To drink more water(anything here will be an improvement)
    3x week exercise with sister at the Y. free weights at home 2x week. short walk with dog in a.m. every day.
    daily cal count on fitday. journal writing each day. and a few minutes of silents each day to think about all the blessing that I have in my life and to be thankful that I am well and healthy and appreciate myself just like I am today. Look in the mirror in the morning and night and tell myself that I love me and I am here to support myself through this challenge and beyond and to come on- line and cheer for each of you to reach our goals together!!

    Welcome blugrrrl and Big belly!!
  • I wanna join to please!!!! I am really serious this time.

    Current weight - 187.0 (I just weighed myself and I am crying)
    June 5 goal - 145.0 (I CAN do it)
    Goal weight - 135.0

    I will replace alcohal with water and veggies with potatos. Walking is the only exercise I know how to do properly.

    Last time I was posting and trying to lose I was at 170.0 to start and this is truly depressing to know how much I have gained. Can't belive hubby still even looks at me (must be something wrong with his eyesight)
  • Count me in!
    Hi there,

    I just found this website and I am still exploring all of the wonderful little supports here and there... Count me in for the summer challenge!

    Current Weight: 176
    Goal June 5: 135
    Plan to follow: SBD ideal

    I am starting with a 3 day cleanse and then moving to the SBD. I will be exercising 5 days a week including at least one upper and one lower body weight workouts. Water intake and a food journal are a must for me, for keeping track. I know that is one thing I definitely need.

    Along the way I will need new things to wear to feel good about the body I am working so hard to regain, so I will allow myself a small budget for shopping at the thrift store at each 10 lbs mark. When I reach my ultimate goal however, watch out! I will give myself enough to get a new wardrobe to last this new body for a while! I haven't shopped at a real store since before my 3rd child and I have 5!
    I am so excited about this!
    Thanks for letting me join you. Jill
  • Your current weight: 180

    Your June 5th goal: 140

    Plan that you are following:

    Major Diet/Eating Habit Change. No Sugar, No Fried, Fast Foods, No "Junk Food". No High Salt Foods...Lots of Fruits and Veggies...Chicken & Turkey.

    What you will do to reach that goal: i.e. lifestyle changes, personal motivation etc.

    I have made a major lifestyle change...I now exercise 5x a week. I eat right. I eat in moderation. I drink almost a gallon of water daily. I also cleanse/detox my system 2-3 times a week. I take all of the right vitamins/amino acids/natural stuff that works for me.
    I have a positive attitude and my motivation is all around me. My personal motivation is when people see you've lost a bunch of weight and constantly compliment you. I thrive off of that!
    And when your doctor tells you WOW you look good...and you have put your diabetes in reverse, your liver damage is almost just makes me want to take care of myself even more so. Doctors Orders!

    What you will do when you get to your goal: i.e. a reward of some kind.

    I AM GOING SHOPPING!! For new clothes (2nd hand probably..hate itchy new clothes), a new bathing suit (ok this I dont want to wear 2nd hand!), new shoes...make-up. Going to take a vacation with hubb and kid...going to get family photos done...(We havent had any in 10 years.) I am going to go visit people I havent seen for years...And I am going to eat a piece of homemade Butterscotch Pie. Cause I think after waiting that long...I should be allowed 1 slice! hehehe
  • This i s my year!
    Hi everyone! I missed you! The new year is a perfect time to start over and truely change your life. I've been doing pretty good so far. I fell of my workout routine over Christmas and I just started back. And I've been trying to eat healthier over the past 3 weeks. We'll see if it has helped after I see my doctor tomorrow. So I guess all thats left are my stats:

    Current weight: 197lbs
    June 5th goal: 170 lbs

    Plan that I am following: low carb, low sodium

    What you will do to reach that goal: exercise doing step aerobics, weight training and water aerobics 4 x a week and walking 30 minutes daily 5 x a week.

    Reward: a new bathing suit and a pedicure

    Personal goals: This WILL be my year. In addition to having a healthy lifestyle I will work on paying off my credit card debt. And move closer to going back to school.

  • I'm stumped.........I have been eating 1500 calories a day and exercising and I seem to be stuck with the 4 pounds that I gained over the holidays, not to mention the weight I want off for June. I have never counted calories before but I seem to need this sort of restriction to keep myself under control....if only i could get it to work. Anyone here count calories? Am I eating too much/too little? I am 5'9 and 165 pounds (was 160.5 before Christmas).

    I have been told that I have a spiders body, round in the middle with thin arms and legs, thus my member name is bigbelly. This body image is not working for me. I am ready to change!