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Default What Soothes Your Soul - Besides Food??

I've been browsing the journals, and am overwhelmed at the amount of angst and pain so many people are in. Obviously we all turn to food for comfort or we wouldn't be posting here, but I'm interested to hear what others do to soothe their souls when they're not standing in front of an open refrigerator?

Here's my list:

- Sob in DH's arms then tell him my troubles.
- Curl up with a blanky & watch Four Weddings & a Funeral or The Secret Garden.
- Take my dogs out for a long run. Their joyfulness is infectious.
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My list for when I am sad or upset:

-Turn to my DH -he is an excellent listener and we have been each other's support through thick and thin for 14 years now

-curl up with a good book - usually philosophy for some inspiration

- snuggle up with my cat and her unconditional love

When I am stressed out:

-taking a long walk with my dh
-calling my best friend to talk it out
-listening to some beautiful music
-bellydancing or yoga
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I always turn to my dh or sister. Always a comforting ear, strong shoulders to cry on, a big hug, and always a way of making me laugh and feel good about myself.

Music and ditto on a good book.

Talking to my very loving pets and just being with my sweet nephew always cheers me up.
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Come on Spring!
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Hugging my dear dogs has been soothing my soul lately - and then there's Scotch!
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I listen to music - if I am particularly stressed, I listen to it loud in the car, or at home with headphones. I also let it all out to my husband - often while he rubs my shoulders. He hears way more about my problems than he should have to hear, but I always feel better afterward.
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Taking a nice hot bath and watching some candles burn always helps. If I'm pissed off or stressed out listening to some loud angry music seems to help (Godsmack or Rage against the Machine or KMFDM are always a good choice for me). A vigarous walk on the treadmill helps burn off angry energy.

Also I lean a great deal on my hubby. He is learning more and more how to be supportive, and I am learning more and more how not to use my time with him to ***** about petty problems.

If none of those works a nice long email to one of my best friends will do the trick. And sometimes sitting down and playing some mindless game works too. For me, I looove Yoshi's Story for N64. I don't know why, it's the stupidest game and it's for 5 year olds. But I love it and can sit and play and beat it in an hour. It's so cheery it's contagious.

I think you had a point though with something. Instead of going straight for food, maybe it would be better to have a list of things you can do that will give you the same result (feeling better) without the extra pounds. Something to remind yourself of ways that you can destress without eating.

Take care, guys!

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Beauty, Brawn and Brains!
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The ocean. Whenever the problem, no matter how big, I go to the ocean and it feels infinately smaller.

This blanket I have with the soft satin trim at the top. It's like my "blankie" when I was a kid.

Cleaning something. Usually with bleach.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Did I mention? Sex.
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Default feeds the soul
animals...the unconditional love and lack of stress is zen-like

driving to the best coffee shop around and ordering a decaf-skim-iced latte, enjoy while browsing art books
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1. Long hot baths
2. Writing in any of my journals
3. Calling my sponsor
4. Going to a meeting
5. Reading
6. Prayer
7. Meditation
8. Talking eye to eye with my husband
9. Coming to 3FC

Miss Chris
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Cute & Fluffy
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A warm bath or a warm bed and a good book. Also talking to the boy, since he is too far away for what really makes me feel better - A hug (get your minds out of the gutter). Or hanging out with my nephew.
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Music. Loreena Mc Kennitt (sp?) and also Deva Premal have been favorites when I'm down. Also, I have a 'Hit's of the 1720's', which has some of my favorite classics.
Reading Kahlil Gibran also sets my head right.

I'm not crazy about scotch, Ruthie. How about Vodka?
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I climb mountains!
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In no particular order:

1. Laying my head in my partner's arms and letting her make me laugh.

2. Holding my very special, favorite cat, Simone while he sucks my earlobe or licks my tears.

3. Playing with my Italian Greyhound puppy till he gets the zooms or does upside down tricks.

4. Watching the drama that exists within my own home's natural kingdom (8 animals) -- it's better than t.v., cheaper than therapy, and healthier than Doritos.

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Beauty, Brawn and Brains!
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I LOVE Italian Greyhounds. They are so freaking cute. I swear, next time I get a dog, it's going to have less hair. Having two huskies is like having 50 cats.
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I climb mountains!
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God, huskies are soooo beautiful!! But damn, that is a lotta hair! Louie's great.........he's so incredibly cute, so loving, and so gregarious and's all I can do sometimes not to just literally take bites out of him!! And the bald parts of him.....don't even get me started!! His throat, for example -- just like a woman's! And he looks so tall when he's standing, but then when he curls up, he's no bigger than a dinner plate!
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