Roll Call!

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  • Oh, lordy. You're checking my posts to make sure I don't say anything rude, right, Jen?
  • Boy, now we know how Jen spends her entire day then
  • Oh, VERY funny, Mauvais.
  • here...sorta
  • I'm here, too!
  • I'm in and out (of my mind, that is)
  • Ooooooo....
    we have our own section now... we are just so cool. Yes, I found our new spot too.
  • Here : )
  • Present and accounted for!
  • Hi!

    I'm back !!!

    I love these new smiles! They represent where I've been for the last two months!

    Notice none of them show exercising???

  • Kittylover

    Your new smilies are too funny!!! Thanks for sharing and use lot`s and lot`s of them in your posts. I especially liked the way you avoided the whole exercise thing. *LOL*