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It's sad that most meetings usually take 2 or three to actually get anything accomplished IMHO. But just stick to your plan and everything will work out. Thinking of you and sending :
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Here's my latest update. I still have a job (for now anyway). We met yesterday for 2 hours. They said they wanted to hear my thoughts on possible solutions, so I told them. I did most of the talking, and they did seem to listen.

First I presented the information from the research I did with the other hospitals. My manager seemed a little surprised that I had gone ahead and done this already, she said that she was going to suggest that we do this. She wants me to call them all back to get a little more information (she had a couple of specific questions that she wants me to ask them)....that's her way of being in control (that's her management style).

Then I presented specific reasons why I think this position needs to be changed, focusing on why it would be a good move for the hospital and the staff rather than why it would be good for me.

And finally, I presented the options that I had come up with: 1) split the position into two, having two separate departments and two supervisors, or 2) keep the area as one department with one supervisor and develop two lead techs or coordinators (or whatever they want to call them), one for each area.

With the first option, there are several different ways the area can be split (what we'd be splitting up....i.e. what I supervise right now.....include the following areas...chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, coagulation, point of care testing, the p.m shift staff, the night shift staff, and 4 lab assistant positions each with very distinct and different responsibilities). I discussed a lot of different potential combinations of these areas.

With the second option, I talked about what would be expected of the "coordinators", what their responsibilities would be, their level of authority, and their limitations (or what would still fall under my authority).

They said they don't know what will be done, and of course talked about all of the other people that need to be involved in such a decision (the hierarchy is amazing in this place). I said of course that I wasn't expecting a decision to be made at this meeting, but I do expect that we will move forward with making a decision as quickly as possible and not let it drag out for months. They agreed.

We will meet again next Monday. They want to put down on paper the pros and cons of the options and their variations that I presented, and of course we ran out of time at this meeting, so we will do that on Monday. Then, hopefully, it will be on to the next step....

What is my general feeling after this meeting? Well, a little more positive than it has been for the past couple of weeks. They didn't come right out and say no, and they did seem to be listening to what I was saying.

So, that's the next chapter in my exciting story. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right????
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Twodog, you're going through a little **** right now. I really admire you for keeping your cool. Keep us updated... we love you, sweetie...
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2 Dog,

I've been reading about your situation and I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you on Wed. Your meeting could have taken a negative turn, but it seems positive that at least they listened and agreed to discuss it further. Good luck to you Monday!

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Well at least that is a start twodog It sounds like it went better than expected - keep us updated!
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Your doing great.....your manager may have needed to say what she did, but don't think that your efforts go unnoticed.....keep it up and keep us posted...

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