Holiday exercise challenge

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  • Oopsie -- and Mauvaisroux too!!

  • Go Soozie go! Yoga is wonderful and I`m so glad you found something you will be able to do.

    I`m proud of everyone for working so hard. You guys are motivating me to do more!!

    Let`s see, on Monday I walked downtown from school 25 minutes, walked to my WW meeting and then home.

    Off on Tuesday for Rememberance Day and didn`t exercise so I walked 40 mins at lunch yesterday and then walked downtown again.

    It`s pouring rain today so we`ll see what I do.

    Okay chicks - keep up the good work and see you tomorrow.

  • Thanks Sarah
    and Teufelchen and you go girl yourself...
    and Sandi, and Mauvais,
    and Ellis, you work that Y girl...
    yeah, we're getting brawny, and lean and mean.
    yeah, we are, we are...
    love, Soozie
  • Well chicks

    The rain slowed down enough yesterday for my usual 25 minute walk downtown, but it was cold.

  • Hey!

    I bet it was cold in Canada. I live in Albany and in my opinion it's been way too cold. What happened to Fall? Now it seems like winter!

    I went to the Y today. I spent 1 1/2 hours walking and doing the ellipticals! I did not want to go.

    I find what makes me able to go is if I say, "even if I just walk it will be better than not going at all".

    Keep going!

  • Good going Teufelchen and Sandi!

    I got a ton of "accidental" exercise in yesterday with all my running around and cupboard cleaning out

    Today I went for a 40 minute walk with DH.
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