Holiday exercise challenge

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  • Whoa. That guilt, that's some powerful mojo.
  • Holy

    I`ve missed a few days and it took me forever to read all the posts just to catch up.

    First things first - Hello everyone. Welcome Irish Tart. You`ve hit on a great group!!! I`m too far behind on commenting on anyone`s remarks so I`ll just start from the beginning:

    Starting weight as of last Monday: 183
    Goal: 4 lbs per month (I am trying to be optimistic)
    Will journal everyday.

    I have been walking 30 minutes 5 days a week and doing my belly dance class once a week. I can`t tell you how much more flexible I am just from taking the classes. I was surprised when during a cool down the teacher said bend down and put your hands on the floor and I was able to put my PALMS....yes you heard palms on the floor!!!! Whooo hooo!!

    Also, for losing 20lbs and hitting my 10% target (with WW) and got my belly button pierced on Saturday. I just love it. It`ll help me stay motivated and flatten out that tummy of mine. *LOL*

    Anyway - gotta run. Time to get back to class.

    See ya all later chicklettes.

  • Congrat's Teufelchen, on the new piercing!

    Today I biked for 35 minutes, 8.10 miles.
  • Way to go Sarah!

    Yay Teufelchen!
  • Aawww, thanks, Mauvaisroux.....much appreciated!
  • Two hour walk for me yesterday.

    Good going, Sarah and Teufelchen!
  • Way to go Ellis!

    Walked to WW meeting and then home again yesterday

    I am walking up to Confederation Square for the Remembrance Day service.
  • Good for you, Mauvais!
    I should really walk up there, too. I'm surprised it's not raining...
  • Sweet Piercing Teufelchen.... I wanna get one too, but a lot of my weight is in the tummy, so I got a ways to go.....
  • You go girls!!!
    Though many promises to the contrary...umm....I didn't go to the gym yesterday,
    but, I did eat well, no binges. So, onto another day. I have a long work schedule today, so, no time for formal exercise but, I'll try to walk more today, park further, that stuff...and eat well again. Then Wednesday I'll go to the gym.
  • Yay Ellis and Mauvaisroux!!! Good going! And Sooz, you'll get there; you know what you need to do, now it's just a matter of setting yourself up for success. Tomorrow's another day. Hey, what's tomorrow? What's that you say? Wednesday?? Hmm.....I remember hearing something about Wednesday......what was that? Hm, something Sooz said....
  • Bummer, My exercise fire has fizzled out! I haven't done anything....not even walking the maybe just around the block with him today to ease back into the swing.
    My sister has been sick this week so I have an excuse for not walking.

  • Me too, Irish. DH had today off and wanted to go to the Y. I told him I'd have sex with him if he'd promise not to make me go and work out with him afterwards. So he's at the Y while I'm sitting here on my big butt...
  • hehehehehe I understand!!!!

  • That's cool you got your belly button pierced Teufelchen! I've always said, "when I have a flat stomach I'll do it, but you know I've never had a flat stomach! That's why I'm hear. I haven't visited in a long while. I fell into bad habits in early September. I'm not sure if I'm back on track, but I'm trying. Went to the Y today and ran nearly 2 miles. I ate well and got a lot done.

    This thread is a good idea. This time of year is really tough on the body!!!

    Let's go!!!