Holiday exercise challenge

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  • I walked one mile yesterday (11-1) in the morning with my
    dog and two miles last night with my sister...will post later if I can motivate myself to do anything today. I checked a tape series out of the library on procrastination and I must listen to it today...I hope that I can turn listening into action...see you chickies later...
  • Nothing great, but walked around the mall a bit today. Actually I am almost done with my Christmas shopping already
  • Good going chicks
  • I walked two miles with my sister and 0 with my dog. (I'm sorry,
    doggie) I'm trying to get lots of walks in before it gets too cold.
  • Went to curves this morning.
  • Good going, girls!

    Walked to my psychiatrist appointment and back. A total of almost two hours. Fast walking plus a bit of running because I thought I was late.
  • to all the exercising alternachicks!!!!!
  • It is really helping to have a place to make a daily exercise post.
    Thanks for starting this thread Mauvaisroux.
  • you're welcome

    Walked to work this morning - nothing else since
  • Quote:
    At the stop lights, just frantically rotate your arms and legs and you'll burn a few calories.
    You know, if I ever happen see someone doing this while sitting on a motorcycle at a red light, it won't seem unusual now! They may be having an epileptic fit, but I'll just think they're burning calories!

    Squeak! Almost done with Christmas shopping? It's still summer, isn't it? I'm not ready for Christmas.....I'm in complete denial. Bah humbug! If I send you a list, will you do mine?

    Just did the usual 1 mile at lunch today.
  • Good grief! I just noticed Squeak's post! Christmas shopping?! Almost done!?
    Woof! You're GOOD, hon!
  • Squeak I have not even thought of Christmas yet!

    to you for being so organized.
  • My exercise for today is cleaning out and rearranging the fridge and small freezer so DH can get into them easily so he can feed himself while I am at work during the rest of the week
  • *Happy Dancie for Den joining Curves!*

    I've wrecked my knee and haven't Curved in a couple of weeks. I finally got it checked by my family doc, who said, "Probably degenerative arthritis," and gave me the go-ahead to get a brace for it. (Not only did the dang thing HURT, but it also felt like it was gonna collapse on me!) I'm at least hobbling now.

    I'm taking next Monday off, so I'll go early to Curves and see just how many of the machines the knee brace will let me do.

    LOL, getting old sucks.

    Peace and painkillers,
  • Hope your Knee get better VOW!

    I got in a 45 minute walk today at lunch time