New Year's Challenge

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  • 177.5 this morning,
    up 2.5, I'm not surprized...
    I've got some serious work to do, just have to watch the eating since I can't really exercise much yet.
    good going Sarah.
    gotta get my mojo rising.
    or somethin like that...

  • Thanks ladies for the kind support! You guys are the best!

    The new smilies are cute!

    Everybody have a good one!
  • Let's go Soozie, Shoequeen and Mauvais.

    Sarah, you are awesome!!

  • I'm a little late to the challenge, but count me in!

    Current weight: 156 (was down to 148 in August!)

    Goal:148 by New Year's

  • I have finally lost the 5 pounds that my evil ways had led me to. Now my stats are once again correct
  • U go sflake! hehe Thanks Ellis. I had a small victory yesterday. I overcame the chocolate demon. I almost bought a bag and I stopped to think about why I wanted it. I was feeling yucky and wanted a pick me up. I let it pass. Whew it was tough! I did break down and have a bite size snicker in the evening. But only 1! And after I had already done 45 minutes of step aerobics. So I feel really good! Tonight is my night off at the Y then another step class tomorrow night. That will already be 3 times this week! Woo-hoo! Have a good day chickies.
  • Way to go sflake and shoequeen!

    Welcome back Sandi

  • Nice Work snowflake and shoequeen!

    Doesn't exercise make you feel more energetic? It is helping me keep going during this awful dark and dreary month!

  • Well I spoke too soon. I did end up buying that bag of chocolate yesterday. BUT I did walk for 30 minutes at lunch before I ate the chocolate. Does that cancel out the walk? Or the chocolate? Still doing good with sodas. And thats 3 days of exercise so far. Tonight will make 4! I'm really enjoying it too. I forgot how good it makes me feel to exercise. I'm doing better with portion size too. So maybe I will be forgiven for my little chocolate indiscretion? Have a good day.
  • Okay Okay - I`ve finally got my behind (no remarks from you guys) in gear.

    My stats and mini goal for Jan 1 are:

    Starting weight: 183 lbs as of last Monday
    Mini goal: 4 lbs by the end of November
    Exercise: walk 5 days a week, do belly dance class once a week and try to do belly dance tapes at home.
    Other: keep a daily food journal and stick to my points

    Weighed in on Monday and gained (sniff-sniff) 1 pound. But I am journalling and making sure everything fits in my plan. I hope to lose a lb by next Monday`s weigh-in.

    Anyway - I getting kicked out of the computer room by the teacher. Talk to y'all soon and keep up the good work everyone.
  • Sigh...
    Ok, I need to jump in on the New Year's Challenge. I've been so unmotivated lately. Since I'm momentarily inspired I might as well go make a grocery list which includes all sorts of healthy things. Maybe I will even exercise tomorrow. Why is it so difficult to start up again?
  • Sojourner - it`s never too late to join the challenge!! Sisss booom bah rah rah rah!!!

    Well - so much for my staying on track, etc. I had to do some shopping on the way home yesterday and - long story short - I was very tired, decided to eat out, waited for my husband who works late, got really hungry and ATE TOO MUCH!!!! Burp

    I`m not sure I can even figure out the points. Wouldn`t be so bad, except that my French class is getting together tonight at one of the girl`s houses and we are having Indian food - so I have little to no choice as to what we eat. AND I`m going out again tomorrow night

    Diet God - give me strength!!!!

    Enough whining. Thanks for listening!!