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Default We are in **** right now

Southern California is burning up. It is horrible. How are things in SD Jessica?

I can hardly breathe, my asthma is up, I have a headache, eyes are burning, I am in the San Fernando Valley and am surrounded buy the smoke, San Bernadino fire to the East and Simi Valley to the NorthWest.

We are praying for rain right now, and hoping that Big Bear doesn't go up in smoke.....if anyone has yahoo you can see the satellite pictures of the smoke.

Then, to top off the day, we had an earthquake around 3:34 today, centered about 20 miles from where I live...

It is overwhelming right now......anyone else close to me?

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Our pains are lessened when we share them.

I will pray for rain too. Be safe!
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Oh, Rowan... I just read that a firefighter was killed. This is craziness.
love, hugs and prayers...
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Those poor people my heart is just breaking for you all! Lets all say it together : rain rain rain rain rain rain :
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Rowan-I am SO sorry that you, Jessica, and everyone else living in the area are having to suffer through this. I wish i had the power to make it rain. We are ALL thinking and worrying about you all, and sending rain vibes your way.
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I've just added the people of California to our community prayer wheel.
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We woke to a welcome change in weather....those prayers must be working because our temperature dropped over 30 degrees in one day......

we lost 650 homes in this beautiful community of Lake Arrowhead, nestled in some of the most beautfiul mountain communities in the world, Lake Arrowhead, Arrowbear, Big Bear and those other mountain communities have all been an escape to us at one time or another, the threat of losing it has been felt not only in the residents, but in those who enjoy those places.

Jessica, how are you fairing in San Diego, my grandfather is in Escondido....Lawrence Welk Village and they have faired well....there is not much brown and brush in their area, but it is nestled in a pocket where it could burn all around.

I join you while I am suffering in watching those around me suffer, I am safe, so my prayers are with all of yours for these people who have a very long road ahead of them that will only begin with the fires stop smoldering.

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Sending lots of rain vibes your way....
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it's the getting up
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I keep thinking how is this happening it seems unreal. My prayers are with all in California, what a scary situation this is. A friend of mine is a hotshot here in Oregon on a very well known crew and they have been alerted and may get sent down to the fires any moment. Praying for rain and cool temps.
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I'm here to say, "It gets better."

Yesterday was the first day since Sunday that I saw a little peak of blue sky. Today, the breeze doesn't make me want to gag. It's no longer raining soot, although the clean-up is going to be a B, we're finally breathing without feeling like a chronic smoker.

We're not out of the woods yet. There's still a fire raging out there and there is still a lot of people in danger. We got word yesterday that in the Jewish Community a high school was reduced to rubble and a Chabad is gone. Not to mention all the people that don't have a home to go to.

Now, we have to decided, what do we do from here?
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Rowan and Jessica,
How is it going there today? Any better? how utterly awful. all of that destruction. my thoughts are with you.
love, soozie
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Things are better, we are hoping for continued moisture and cool temps. Santa Ana winds are predicted to increase soon, so we will just have to wait and see if things will settle down enough before they kick up again.

The devastation is just beyond words...I think at last count it was over 3200 homes lost....everything from vacation cabins to 14 million dollar homes...

But at least the air is somewhat fresh and we can breathe here today it is much easier to try and keep that positive outlook today.... how about down south Jessica?
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Praying for all the people, and the land!

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This week is much better, the drastic change in weather really helped. It was strange, we went from 100 degree weather to 70 degree weather in one day!!!

The firefighters have done an amazing job, and we are very grateful, but the stats are terrible, over 745K acres destroyed, over 3400 homes lost, 20 people died, it is just a tragedy.

Thanks for the positive energy coming our way out here, it really helped!!!

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