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  • I"m back... a little plumper and unfortunately still not pregnant. Have been going through infertility treatments over the last few months which has been really tough. And the infertility drugs have done a number on my body. Last month we tried our first intrauterine insemination which was not successful. Very difficult to deal with, but I have been feeling a great sense of peace about everything. Anyway, we are taking a three month break and I need to lose some weight and get my body back. I've gained several pounds and just feel crappy from the hormonal roller coaster I've been on.

    So how is everyone doing? Is anyone ridiculously skinny yet?? Can I be insanely jealous yet motivated by any of you alternachicks? Missed you all and glad to be back...

  • Hi Sojo!!! Mauvais is close to goal, and Soozie now has perky boobs!!! Most of us (read ME!!) are just plugging along day to day.....
  • Big Hug Sojo!
    Weird, I was just thinking about pm'ing you this morning as I was walking to work and here you are!

    Hope you are feeling better soon and welcome back!
  • Yes...
    Mauv, I must have felt your good vibes sweep in with the wind from the north. Wow... 13 pounds to goal?? I am jealous! Any new tricks or miracle cures, or did you just do it the old fashion way (eat less, move more)?

    Sooz... new boobs? Another thing to envy. Is there a commandment that says "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's boobs"? So what size were you and what are you now?
  • Welcome back Sojo!!!!

    Sorry things haven't been going well. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Howdy, Sojo!

    I'm the new kid! Pleezedtameetcha!

    The fertility merry-go-round is no fun! I've known people who have had to play that game, and it's VERY hard on a woman's body. Go easy on yourself, because the high estrogen necessary is to blame for the weight gain.

    Try my Tofu Pudding recipe in the "Vegetarian/Vegan" thread. The chocolate will satisfy the hormones you've been taking, and the soy in the tofu will even out the hormone roller coaster you've been on!

    Peace and recipes,
  • Sojo, welcome back, sweetie! We've missed you!
  • need u on the movies thread sojo!

    little bit plumper here myself and now broke my friggin arm. good times.

    miss chris
  • CHRIS! You BROKE your ARM! Oh, hon, I'm so sorry!
  • Oh no Chris......feel better...
  • Welcome back, Sojo. My sympathies for the hormone horrorshow.
  • Sojo,
    Nice to meet you, I look forward to getting to know you...

    BTW, I have suffered from endometroisis class4, adhesions-seondary to the endo, and now I have developed fibroids and polyps. (9) surgeries for the above and I have just turned 40 (coiming up on 41) I have had half of my repro system removed and haven't had a complete hysterectomy because my Grandmother suffered for 22 years and eventually died from Osgteoporosis, and my mother developed breast cancer due to synthetic hormones....

    I know what hormone therapies can do to the body, just do your best to keep yourself healthy and strong and hopefully you will find some balance in your fertility pursuits.

    Don't lose the faith!
  • CHRIS!! Sorry to hear you broke your arm. The up side? anyone bugs you, you can smack 'em with the cast!!!!!
  • DEN!!
  • ya'll r just wrong!

    no cast and no hormones like sojo so far no need to hit anyone UNLESS it looks like they are going to go anywhere near my elbow.