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  • New ta da thread!

    What have you accomplished or done for yourself today?

    I finally went to the doctor for the earache I have had for 4 days
    Got some prescriptions drops -hope they work.

    I also got some last minute stuff to do at work and decided that I WAS NOT staying late to do it and I didn't feel the least bit guilty about it - it can get done tomorrow morning!
  • I finally felt good enough to get my house cleen.

    I got some stuff so that I can make some GREAT gift packages for my business.

    I finally go to the doc again tomorrow to see what they can do to make me stop cough!
  • I finally finished one of the 3 million books I read at a time. My DH has started to make fun of me saying I leave all books unfinished because I believe only then they will go on forever.

    I did my 20 min HIIT today and I crossed the 1.0 mile at 13:38! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

    Feel better Mauvis and Bella!
    Miss Chris
  • Congrats Mauvais, Bella & Chris!

    Working on some Ta-Das for tomorrow especially writing all of the emails I want to.
  • Ta Da! I finally threw the last of those frassing pears into the compost bucket and put away the preserving kettles. We will BUY canned pears if we need them. Now I just need to get rid of the fruit flies in the kitchen. I'll put out a bowl of beer.
  • Don't put it on the floor.
  • ......and don't put it out in a glass. And don't accidently lift it to your lips and quaff that thirst quenching elixir of.....OOPS!!!
  • I ordered the goodies I need to make tofu using the milk from my new soymilk machine....

    *happy little dancie*

    Peace and soybeans,
  • Ruth - Does a bowl of beer work??? I never heard that... of course... to waste the beer, I'm not sure I could bring myself to do it. Anyone know how to get rid of regular flies? Besides a flyswatter!

    Miss Chris - Wow!!! A mile in 13.38! I'm impressed! Congrats!

    My ta-da is kinda weird. Yesterday, at 3PM, I was starving. I chewed like 20 pieces of yum to stop from putting something in my mouth. I surfed the internet. I tried everything to stop from eating. I just wasn't even thinking straight. I had my lunch already so I felt guilty about being hungry! Well, finally, I lost it and made myself a peanut butter and ice cream sundae from the crap at work and ate the whole thing. Once I ate it, I felt stupid because for lunch I brought a Boca Burger and a cup of soup and all I ate was the cup of soup. NO WONDER I WAS HUNGRY!!! DUH! Had I just eaten the rest of my lunch, I would have been fine.

    Anyway, fast forward to today. I'm applying the knowledge I learned to today's cravings. At breakfast (I eat at the university) I wanted to splurge and get a huge danish but instead I ate what I was planning on eating and I didn't crave the danish afterwards. Ta Da! I'm actually thinking.
  • To Jessica:

    EXCELLENT Ta-Da for Today!

    I get some incredible whiffs of dead animal when I am preparing meals for the family carnivores, and I think, "Hmmmm, maybe just a taste?" Or someone at work will bring in Pollo Loco, and I'll CRAVE it!

    But if I simply EAT what I know I can have, the desire for "a taste" is .... gone.

    I'm serious, I don't miss meat as much as I thought I would.

    Peace and preparation!
  • excellent ta-da jessica!

    mine is similiar. i fell down and sprained my arm and immediately my brain went to chocolate to feel better. no chocolate, no nothing. i have to break the cycle of feeling bad and turning to food. i don't have to take the first bite.

    miss chris
  • I wish I would have had your ta-da jessica and miss chris! I got not so great news from the doc today and had a small bag of sweedish fish, a milkyway midnight, and a peanutbutter egg. Not so good. But I really didn't eat much else today so o'well.

    Nothing good to report today, lol. Hopefully I'll have a ta-da tomorrow.
  • This summer I finally found a way to get rid of fruit flies, Ruth. Take a jar (preserve jar in your case?), put some white vinegar in the bottom, maybe half a cup. Add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Cover the top of the jar with plastic wrap, secure with an elastic. Poke several small holes in the plastic wrap, and leave on your kitchen counter. The smell will attract the flies, they'll dive in, and the soap will coat them so they can't fly back out. They'll drown! And you can drink the beer!

    I didn't think it would work when it was suggested to me earlier in the summer, but it did!
  • To catch regular flies...I know how to get rid of the tired summer flies that sleep on the ceiling, but that is all. You can put some water and Joy lemon dish detergent in a cup, and walk around and hold it under them, and they just fall right in. The only thing is that they kinda have to be the lazy kind, or they'd take off when you got near them. And you have to have a relatively low ceiling to get your glass up there a foot away or so....so maybe that isn't such handy advice after all!

    My Ta-Da, I walked 3 miles a day for 5x a week for the month of October and I feel great! I don't know what has gotten into me!
  • Jen, you're killin' me with your fly advice.