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  • Hello everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend

    I had a nice day out with my parents yesterday. We went to a lingerie outlet and my mum and I spent an hour and a half picking stuff out while my dad sat patiently in the car with a coffe and a book My mum was so pleased that they had plus sizes! She actually ended up getting 2 peignoir sets and a housedress.
    They had great prices and then the cashier said that if we paid cash she wouldn't charge us the taxes Then we went housewares shopping. We then picked up DH and the four of us went out for lunch together -we really had a good time

    I have to face two thanksgiving dinners between today and tomorrow so wish me luck with the old diet!
  • Mauv-
    Good luck, do your best to make good choices and if you stray a bit, then we will be here tonight and tomorrow...

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Bonne chance, Mauvais. I had mine last night and had a piece of pumpkin pie that tasted better than a butter tart! Enjoy your meal and give thanks for being so close to goal.
  • Ruth-Hard to believe that ANYTHING is better than buttertarts, but I do like pumpkin pie too!!!

    HI ROWAN!!!

    Mauvais-Glad you had fun with your family!!! I can't imagine having 2 Thanksgiving dinners, I can hardly deal with one!!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all you Canadian Alternachicks!!!!!
  • Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian Chicks!

    Went to the Sabres home opener last night. It was fun even though they got their butts kicked!
  • Mauvais, what a nice time you had with your parents! And what a sweet dad you have. I hope your mom is doing alright.

    I suppose it's as well that we didn't have turkey this weekend. sob. It IS my favourite meal. I keep having to refill my plate to even things up. There has to be EXACTLY the right amount of stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce on my plate for the last bite, otherwise I have to top up with more. And there's never exactly the right amount. burp.

    Squeak, how did your meal turn out?

    We have an American neighbour (draft dodger) who, with his Canadian family happily celebrates BOTH Thanksgivings. He's thin as a rail, damnit. He recently offered to teach me to swim in return for sexual favours. (jokingly. I HOPE!) I'm not sure if he wants the favours from me, or from my DH.

    Every day I get up, step on the scales (for confirmation of no weight gain), and think, "I am going to have SUCH a good day today!" And every day it's the same damned thing. All is well until about 3 in the afternoon, and then the whole plan goes to ****. If only I could slip into a coma for about two weeks. Just to clean out my system and shrink my stomach.
    Maybe I need some sort of reward mid-afternoon. Maybe I should have a shot of whisky and a cigar... and then a nap... I could awake to a gourmet meal cooked by my chef. Something on-plan, yet wicked.
    I need a chef. I don't want Sflake or Lidian, because they cook as badly as I do. How about Squeak? I'll give you free room and board.
  • Good morning from gorgeous gold and blue Delta!

    Ellis, maybe the afternoon problem goes back to after school snacks. We always had milk and cookies then. Now the poor little kids get yoghurt or raw veggies! Um....maybe you should try that around 3:30?

    Mauvais, where is the lingerie outlet? Out Merivale? If I ever get a chance to go to Ottawa again, I'll put it on my list.

    I started to draw a bath before I popped in here and nearly overflowed the darn tub. So decadent to have a long bath with coffee and a book on a Monday morning. It's been be nice to Ruthie weekend but I'll be back on track for sure tomorrow. I did not gain weight over the holiday weekend! Amazing!

    Have a good Monday.
  • It's actually on Gladstone Ruthxxx - we can check it out next time you come to town

    I think I just worked off last night's dinner by doing 7 loads of laundry
  • ellis...
    Let's all go to Cancun, Mexico and have a couple of about an Alternachick trip? We can really sit on the beach. There is a all-inclusive hotel in Cancun Called the Hotel Paradisus. They have a buffet and menus that are all heath conscious...although I would venture to say the tropical drinks are not OP. They have a gym and they do water aerobics classes all day.....when I went my favorite exercise however was
    picking up the drink in the water chaise and swiming back and forth from the bar to get the drinks.

    We could sit on beach and smoke Cubians and watch the federallies walk by in full uniform with machine guns!!! If we went in the summer, we would sweat so much it would be like being in a sauna!!!

    Sorry, went off on my holiday tangent.......wish I was back there sweating right now!!!

    Have a good one!

  • Ellis - I am soooo with you there. I step on the scale every morning and say some happy crap about having a great day today. Then, about 3PM, some fat girl crawls into my head and starts feeding me lines and soon enough, it's all shot to ****. I actually DREMPT about doing bourbons shots last night in a bar and gained 3 pounds this morning. SIGH! Can I be your chef? I want to see autumn this year and SoCal ain't gonna give it to me.

    As far as a holiday in Cancun, I'd rather pick an island where fat women are worships like the sex goddesses they are and we burn calories and a more exciting way then water aerobics Can you tell I've be (gulp) too busy to have sex lately???
  • Jessica, my kitchen awaits you.

    Geez, Mauvais... you took your Mother to that smutty place on Gladstone? I thought that was where the night crawlers picked up their stuff!

    After-school-snacks for me in high school were bags of chips, bags of caramels, bowls of cereal... And still I was SLIM!! Ruth, I just found a diary from grade 13. (one of our English teachers MADE us keep a diary) I was running every day, weighed a fit and slim 126, and the comments throughout the diary were, "MUST lose weight!" On one day, I wrote that "I'd simply GOT to lose 25 pounds"! MY GOD!!!

    Oh, Rowan... that sounds SO good! I know if I could spend a week or two with you chicks that I'd be good. (either that or I'd be REALLY REALLY bad!)
  • Quick fly by post, since I am beat.

    Cooked & cleaned all day. The turkey breast turned out really good. But 6 grown ups & a baby in a high chair are way too many people in my tiny kitchen.

    Ellis - me and my cookbooks are on the way . I should warn you - I like to bake much more then cook.
  • Very funny ellis! In fact my mum was the one that told me about the place It is actually a lingerie factory, the sewing room is in the back part and the clearance stuff is up front.
  • Ah. Your mother should know, Mauvais. heh heh.

    Squeak, have I got an apartment for YOU! Should be finished the renovations by January. Hmmm... that's not a bad idea... reduced rent for anyone who will cook a few meals a week for me...
  • Hi everyone...

    I know it's been a few days since I've been here... I've been eating horribly and not exercising. I guess I'm just not good at losing weight. It's like sometimes I really don't care that I weigh more than I want to... I tend to live in the moment and in that moment macaroni and cheese or ice cream sounds divine.

    But today is a new day, today I am starting over. I made (relatively low-fat) muffins for breakfast (No oil or eggs! But I did use peanut butter... still, 1/4 cup for 12 muffins isn't much fat per muffin) and I exercised today! Granted it was only a 15 minute walk but it's a victory for me, I almost never exercise.

    I've been working on a weight loss journal but like most of my projects it's started but not finished. I have the basic design, I just need to tidy it up and start making entries... but I WILL get it done by tomorrow, I swear! (Hold me to that.)

    Hope everyone else is doing better than I am.