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mauvaisroux 10-23-2003 11:54 PM

That's okay sooze....I get indignant when I hear about some celebrity or other well off person spending huge amounts of money on something really lame like 10 million dollars on diamond studded wheels for their beemer or something equally ridiculous and I think of how much poverty there is in the world and people are wasting huge amounts of money on crap when it could be helping people instead....:soap:

Jennifer 3FC 10-24-2003 12:45 AM

Help! Cody has decided he doesn't want to be a bag of jelly beans for Halloween...but we can't think of anything else! Does anybody have any cute ideas they've seen recently? He never goes as anything scary, he likes to make people smile. Last year he was Pee Wee Herman and the year before he was Nintendo's Mario....

mauvaisroux 10-24-2003 10:28 AM

How about the cat in the hat? :)

VOW 10-24-2003 01:34 PM

My daughter was a tube of toothpaste one year....

And she was also a crayon.


soozie 10-24-2003 01:40 PM

When in doubt you could go to a store and buy one of those yucky plastic costumes...How about the shark from Nemo...if that isn't too scarey...I was Jaws one year....two big pieces of poster board...make a shark head that is rising up out of the water and have the front poster board be the open mouth and your face sticks out of it like you're inside the shark's mouth....???

squeaker 10-24-2003 03:54 PM

When I was in grade school, I was the "Operation" man. I had a white jogging suit with felt pieces of some of the different things (charlie horse, thigh bone, pencil...I don't even remember all the pieces), and a red clown nose. Cheesy, but kinda cute. :shrug:

mauvaisroux 10-24-2003 04:09 PM

:lol: that's pretty inventive Squeaker!
when I was a kid two of my friends and I dressed as cats wearing one mitten each and went out at the 3 little kittens who lost their mittens ;)

I have been a "merry" widow in mourning gear (vintage black cocktail dress, elbow length gloves and a velvet pillbox hat with a veil) with a fancy urn and a Will with $$$$signs drawn on it (yeah I have a twisted sense of humor :devil: ) a fallen angel in a long black gown with black feathered angel wings; a fairy "goth"mother in a poufy black ball gown, silver fairy wings and a silver wand, and silver stars in my hair; a victorian vampire in period piece costume and fangs;madame butterfly in a chinese style cocktail dress that my mum used to go out dancing in- with elbow length gloves, geisha hair and makeup, a butterfly mask and antique painted fan, :chin: hmmm....I've actually gone out as a geisha too. I tend to go with costumes that make me feel glamourous and I can use my vintage pieces with since I don't get to wear them that often.

VOW 10-24-2003 04:13 PM

*VOW screams in laughter over the "merry widow"*

I saw a kid dressed up one year as a Thanksgiving Dinner...he wore a box decorated like a holiday table, with a paper T-Day tablecloth, plates, cutlery, napkins and cups glued on the top, and his head poked thru the middle with his face dressed up like a turkey.

I wanted to meet that kid's MOM!

Peace and pumpkins carved into Jack-O-Lanterns,

mauvaisroux 10-24-2003 04:16 PM

:lol: :lol: :lol: that is hilarious VOW!

Jennifer 3FC 10-25-2003 12:32 AM

HAHAHA! Thank you for all these ideas! Mauv, you really make me want to dress up with him! No time this year, I am afraid...I should have planned ahead.

Thanks everybody! He has resolved to a Pikachu costume from Toys R Us. I just can't stand the thoughts!

Rowan Bailey 10-25-2003 12:41 AM

One year I had a Halloween party with my two roommates. One who is white as a sheet dressed up like Janet Jackson, I was a vestal virgin, I took a bra and sewed cowboy fringe and rows of white sequins, I made a princess crown and wore a white short skirt (madonna type skirt--it was the 80s) and I made a chain belt with a big padlock over it that hung over my pelvic area...

But my favorite costume was the one that I made for my friend. A Flasher!!! It was a flesh colored body suit. I then cut out pink circles with cut bottle nipples sewn over where the breast are, and the took the very curly hair you use for making dolls and sewed it all over the crotch....she wore a trench coat and dark glasses and when she flashed, for the first second, you thought she was naked!

Then one year, we went to a party where the costumes had to be based on a song...my favorite one was this guy who was wearing a pain of long johns with the drop pants...when you asked him what song he was, he turned around, opened the drop pants mooned you and his butt was blue....He was Blue Moon!!!!

This year I will just dress up the dog and have fun...I will be swapping out my picture later with him in his halloween costume from last year!!!

squeaker 10-25-2003 09:23 PM

I LOVE all of the costume stories! :)

Going to carve my pumpkins tomorrow.

Went to a wonderful wedding celebration today. The wedding was a few weeks ago - very small thing. Today was the party. Only 50 people. It was at a winery, and the food was amazing. I had a great time. :)

How is everyone??? What are you girls up to?

ellis 10-25-2003 09:29 PM

We're all sick, darling. Haven't you noticed? ;)
How are YOU!? :grouphug:

Ruthxxx 10-25-2003 09:36 PM

I am sorely tempted to wait until Harry falls asleep and then go to the Hallowe'en Dance at the Fair Hall and get smashed. I have a raincoat and could go as a flasher without too much fuss with baby bottle nipples and dolls' hair! Hmmmmm. Someone hold me back!

ellis 10-25-2003 09:41 PM

Well if you go, let me know, because I want to be there to see you!

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