Alternachick chat October 12+

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  • Good going on the exercise Navi! Studies have shown that you get health benefits from even just 15 minutes per day of exercises - so starting in small amounts still helps
  • ellis, I love to cook, especially for other people! Any bids on that apartment yet?
  • Wildfire, come on over, sweetie.
  • I cook but I have people over every weekend and come and go at all hours of the night so Ellis doesn't want me as a tenant
  • Wildfire! How are you doing? Good to see you.

    Navi - 15 minutes is great! It is easier to stick with if you start small. Just find something you like.

    Ellis - I will be there in January.

    Hi to Mauvais, Den, Ruth, Jessica, Rowan & the rest of the chicks!

    Not too much to report here. Just busy at work and at home. Have a dentist appointment to fill cavities this morning. And finally transfered my records to a new doctor. I have a physical (the first in like 5 years) on Friday.
  • YEESH ELLIS!!!! Soon you will have ALL of us living in that apartment!!!! (Could be a lot of fun though!!) I'll cook for you long as you make me some of that great coffee every morning!!!

    Squeak-Dentidt AND doctor? FUN!!! Good for you for taking care of yourself though!!!

    Mauvais-So YOU handle breakfast!!!
  • Yeah, Den. I was just thinking I'll have to put bunk beds in. It WOULD be fun. Queen Ellis being served by her wenches.
  • Who says we would WANT bunk beds. We could all just pile in together. Hee hee hee!
  • YUP!!! Pad the floor (and the walls) and we'll all be set!!!!
  • ellis, if we all landed there, you might be charged with running a bawdy house! What a slumber party that would be! It would be a heckuva commute back to Oakville for work, though. I miss having people to cook for. DH will eat anything, prefers frozen dinners, and doesn't like sweets. We don't have any friends or friendly neighbors, so I'm on my own in the cooking department. I rarely bake now because I'm the one who ends up eating it all! Hey....maybe I should take in a boarder..."Room for rent, meals included. Must like to eat."

    Hey squeak! I've been working myself into an early grave. I worked 142 hours in the last two weeks. It should be getting back to normal soon, though. I haven't had a weekend off since the middle of August. How did the dentist go?

    Hi Den, mauv, Jessica, Ruth, Navi, Rowan, and everyone!
  • Wildfire, I refuse to believe that you don't have any friends. What the **** are you talking about. It's not possible. (especially if you can COOK!)
  • squeaker...
    ohhhh hate the are brave!!!!
  • to all the Alternachicks.
    Wall to wall mattress sounds like parts of my wilder youth.
    Good luck at the dentist, Squeak.
    Wildfire, you are working too damned hard and detting a bad exampler for the rest of us!
    Off to the dump after lunch. The fun just never stops!
  • Wildfire - you should start a dinner group. Cooking Light magazine claims they are groups all over the country (for their magazine in particular) you can join and you cook and get together and eat. Sounds like a great way to do what you love and make some new friends.
  • Hello Alternachicks!!!

    I hate the dentist too! I had 3 cavities filled. Not fun to go to work with half your mouth numb.

    Work has kept me too busy to check in here much during the day, and lately by the time I get home after running what ever errands I have, I am too beat to do anything.

    Wildfire - You need a vacation! Hope everything eases up soon.

    Ellis I think we are all having a big party at your house.

    Have a huge headache and need a nap.