Pigs Anonymous II

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  • This evil person who lives in my body just ate FOUR bran muffins with raisins. (I think she is an emotional eater!) Dumb broad!
  • Yuck. Had you said, "Four Chocolate Muffins" I could relate. Bran muffins? Were they chocolate bran?
  • No they were non- South Beach Diet Bran!

    Ruth are Ellis, Den and I going to have to come out there swat you with our beach towels?

    Don't beat yourself up about it hon! You have enough to worry about right now and tomorrow is another day
  • HEY RUTH!!! At least the bran would lower the GI count, wouldn't it?!? And, dare i say it, eating 4 will probably clear out the problem faster than 1 would have!!!
  • Well, on top of the 125 grams of dried prunes I ate on the weekend and about two cups of roasted chick peas, there will soon be a sonic boom from here if it all works! You will all be relieved to know that I am drinking lots of water this afternoon!
  • Damn. Dorito fit.
    Ruth, keep your darned farts to yourself, please.
  • Wow Ruthie, I felt a tremor in Tennessee! That was a potent breakfast! Hey, it could have been worse, you could have eaten candy for breakfast. At least you picked a food that will remind you later of what you did!
  • I just had a small bag of cheetos damn.
  • Um, Even though I don't really like it, I had 3 pieces of cake yesterday.
  • You don't like cake! Are you NUTS!
  • Ruth-Aim it towards Isabel, maybe THAT'LL chase it back out to sea!!!

    Squeak-I'm not that much of a cake freak either.....but BUTTER TARTS..... drool..... THERE I GO AGAIN!!!

    DORITOES AND CHEETOS?!?! THAT'S my cup of tea (which is what we should be having instead of all the goodies!!!
  • Nope, not one a big cake fan most of the time. I like ice cream cake, and cheesecake. The only real cake I never have a problem with is angelfood cake. The rest, I have to really be craving cake, and it doesn't happen very often. And when it does I can normally eat a very small piece and be done. I am partial to Pepperidge Farm Coconut, or Strawberry 3 layer cake.
  • Oh dear! I definitely am an emotional eater. Yesterday I ate some Hot Lips - a red cinnamon jujube type candy and then my neighbour (the nutcase) brought over two chocolate bars as a treat for us and I ate them both! Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! Well, at least I know why. It used to be I'd "forget" things like that. I am NOT testing my blood this morning!
  • Ruthxxx- hang in there chickie!

    Squeaker- at least angel food cake is lower in fat, well if you are not eating the whole cake anyway
  • Aaaarrrggggghhhh! Ruthless struck again. The tally so far - two Cadbury burnt almond dark chocolate bars. "Dark chocolate is good for you." Yeah! Right!
    Let's stop right here!