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  • Having read the Bios of some of you, I felt the sisterly vibes best on this board. OK if I join? Too tired tonight to come up with a good bio (forgot who I am), but sometime in the future.....

    You all sound like great-thinking women and I have lurked a couple of times and decided I liked it here.

    I need to lose about 60#. I am walking one to one-and-a-half hours a day and practicing yoga about 1 hr/day.

    At 49, these are, for me, the 'acceptable' ways for me to exercise, hyaving tried all else.
  • HI CHERVATA!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE LOONY BIN! Jump on in to any of the threads that strike your fancy, we have a LOT of fun here!!!!!
  • Welcome to the asylum, chervata!
  • Welcome Chervata

    Sounds like you are off to a good start. I walk about 50 minutes per day and I have started doing yoga too
  • Hey, Chervata!
    Your avatar reminds me of that one pose (besides the bloody Downward Dog) that I HATE.

    Wait, I can't even DO that pose, so how do I know if I hate it? Grrrrr.
  • Welocme, Chervata!

  • Hi Chervata and Welcome!
  • Welcome, this is a great place.......

  • Welcome Chervata! You'll definitely have a lot of fun here!!!
  • Welcome, Chervata! We're glad to have you here!
    My gosh... I'm so glad you reminded me about yoga. I'm starting classes again tomorrow night with my DD. Can't wait!
    That pose... I CAN'T do that!! I hate it!! I can only grab one foot at a time. Very embarrassing. I'm so surprised at things like that... I keep forgetting that I'm no longer 18 and fit.
  • Thanks, everybody! Yes, I put that pose on there (called Bow pose) specifically because I can't do it, and I USED to be able to....before all this weight came on (again). It was a very heart-opening, back stretching pose and I loved it. I am the only one in yoga class who can't get into it.....and I am the youngest person in that class-- ---sigh. But, one day!!! So, the fat guy in the bow pose stays in front of my face till I can do it again! I say this in a very self-loving way...

    Thanks again for the hearty welcome!
  • Would you believe I can do that pose? Yes, really! I think it's because I have a long body and short legs.
    Welcome, Chervata, and just ignore me! Most people do.
  • Ruth-they're just jealous.....
  • Ruth---that's great! I could at one time, and then didn't do it for awhile, then there was just too much fat in the way. I am short and have short legs. Someday.......
  • Welcome, Chervata! Wow, you do 2.5 hours of exercise a day? That's great! You sound very determined.