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Rowan Bailey 09-04-2003 12:01 PM

Hello lovely ladies,

I am very excited today I am going to see an hypnotherapist that has assured me that she can begin to change the "tape" in my head that has lead me to my emotional overeating.

I was inspired to do this after wating that Dateline series about the 6 people who wanted to lose weight for the high school reunion. The guy who did hypnosis had the second best results. His occupation was a baker, so he was being tempted all the time!

They programmed him to eat smaller portions, eat better foods and to want to exercise (that woudl be something for me). I am also going to ask her to please put some relaxation affirmations in there as well so that I won't be so stressed out.

Well, I am excited and nervous...and was wondering if anyone else has heard anything about hynosis. I am also doing this in conjunction with SBD so I am not placing all of my eggs in this basket, but looking at it to support my direction.

Have a good day!!!


sflake 09-04-2003 12:15 PM

Good luck Rowan Is it expensive? I was thinking of doing it to quit smoking. Let us know how you make out.

Rowan Bailey 09-05-2003 10:42 AM

It was a really great experience. It was very relaxing and after a long conversation about when I began to gain weight and what my triggers are and what my fears are, I really had a great time exploring how much I have learned about where I am at with my weight.

Her suggestions were just centered around me not wanting to make bad choices, and a lifelong change in eating habits, and visioning myself as the thin person that I want to be. I went out to dinner last night and I did eat the way that I wanted to and didn't feel guilty, but it is too soon to tell. It was very relaxing and she is making me a personal tape to listen to daily that I will get next week.

She had a very soothing voice. I will check in after some time has passed, I think it is too soon to say if it will work...but it was very pleasant.

It cost about 170 for the first visit (3 hours) and she includede the tape in the session.

If I get good results, this is what my Mom is getting for Christmas to stop smoking......she had breast cancer 11 years cancer free but she smokes constatntly (I quit when she got cancer hoping she would)....so I will let you know.

ellis 09-05-2003 11:06 AM

Rowan, I hope it works for you!!

sflake 09-05-2003 11:11 AM

Great news about your Mom!!! Glad you enjoyed your visit hope it works. I just might try it :) How many visits do they suggest?

Rowan Bailey 09-05-2003 09:15 PM

She says everyone is different, but she suggested 5 visits for me they are 85.00 after this one. I know that it is not going to replace eating right and exercise, but I am just hoping that it assists.....

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