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mauvaisroux 09-01-2003 12:55 PM

Alternachick chat September 1+
I took up Ellis' suggestion and started a September general chat thread.

Sorry to hear about your tea related accident Wildfire:( Yeouch! :yikes: that must have hurt! I've done something similar in the past - not fun :p

My is looking much better these days, she seems to be in good spirits and her colour is much better. We are just waiting for the results of the Doppler test. If there is any sign of a blockage then she will have to have an operation to have it removed.

As Ellis pointed out in the previous we are missing some of our chicks! Wildfire and Wanntolosealot have checked in but we are still missing .....

Ellis' list:
"Sflake, Lidian, Twodog, Chris, Jessica, Ginya, Soozie, Merrylegs, Sandi, ... and everyone else?! And where on earth is Sojo?"

Hey Flower, Punkinseed, Lunula, Sojourner & Lamorgan pop in if you are around and let us know how you are doing :wave:

And whatever happed to Barefootgrrrl and Katrinabgood? :?: Hope the are doing okay.

ellis 09-01-2003 01:53 PM

They've all abandoned us. We've become too boring for words. :D

Wildfire, you are such a card. :lol: So sorry about your burn, darling. :yikes:

Mauvais, that Doppler is great. Everything is going to be fine for your Mom. We're in a great city where medicine is concerned. (we won't discuss politics)

Hugs to all...

Lidian 09-01-2003 03:15 PM

I haven't abandoned you! I have just been frenetically busy - day before school starts, etc. Organizing piles of clothes. Also the 4 of us played tennis this morning so I got in some exercise (youngest and I also ran laps while waiting for a court - we play at a nearby school, hence the track). She is a LOT better than I am - she ran about 2 miles I reckon (she is almost 7). I ran about a quarter of that I think! But a start anyhow.

Glad your mom is feeling better Mauvais!


sflake 09-01-2003 03:39 PM

Ellis ~I was exercising...what in the world is wrong with me?

Mauvais ~Glad to hear your Mom is feeling better. :)

Wildfire ~ouch ...I've done the same thing.

Lidian ~ I admire you...somedays I can barely get myself dressed and out the door let alone everyone else.

Lidian 09-01-2003 06:09 PM

Well, I hope I can get them dressed and out the door! We have all sorts of fashion crises early in the morning despite picking clothes out the night before...I predict a great panic in the morning. Eldest (almost 10) has elaborate first-day-outfit plans, youngest (almost 7) hasn't any plans - both of which lend themselves to all sorts of disasters!

I have to go now, will be back later. I am going to watch them eat hot dogs, and find something else for me (what, I wonder!)


twodogmom 09-01-2003 08:49 PM

OMG, I have been a total slug these past two days!!! :snail: (since we don't have a slug smilie this snail will have to do!) In the past two days I have done nothing productive....I've spent the time reading a couple of books (with an occasional nap thrown in for good measure...you know how strenous reading can be!:yawn: ). I can't remember the last time I read something for pleasure and not to learn something...lately it seems like I'm always reading something related to work/career, diet, health, self-improvement....you get the idea. Yesterday I decided to read a novel, a work of fiction that is not meant to teach me anything!! I finished the book last night, then got up this morning and started another one, which I just finished!!! Talk about having a ME weekend....ah well, back to work (and real life) tomorrow.

Mauvis, from your posts I'm surmising that you Mom is having some health problems? I know how scary and tough that can be, my Mom also has some health problems. :( I hope everything turns out well for your Mom. :grouphug:

squeaker 09-01-2003 10:55 PM

Checking in for tonight. :) I watched a few movies - Chicago (which I liked) and Life of David Gale (not bad). I generally bummed around which was nice. I am going to be gone the next 2 weekends. One in Barrie, Ont. with a bunch of Canadian rock star boys. The other at a wedding, actually the first wedding I am really looking forward to.

Mauvais I am glad your mom feels better.

Wildfire - Hope your finger feels better!

Lidian - Hope the first day of school goes well! Is it Tues. or Wed.?

Sflake - I am with you on barely getting myself together. Good thing I live alone though. :lol:

Twodogmom - those kinds of weekends are wonderful. What did you read?

Ellis - we aren't boring, we are just, uh, odd. ;)

Den - HI!!!!!! :)

And Hi to Ruthxxx who I am sure is lurking around here too.


twodogmom 09-02-2003 07:00 AM

squeaker, I read Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell and The PMS Outlaws by Sharyn McCrumb.

I've been wanting to see Chicago but haven't done that yet....it sounds like a movie I would enjoy....I've heard that you either love it or hate it.

Ruthxxx 09-02-2003 10:00 AM

Yup! I'm a lurker.

My problem (well, one of them) is that I need to check posts in the boards I moderate, post on three of them and on another website and try to do my Journal AND get the day cranked up with the Dogs and the Old Fart! Too damned much to do first thing in the morning and I refuse to get up any earlier! I am trying to train myself to sleep until 6 because it's damned dark at 5 in the winter! Oy!

Today is underway. The slipcover is washed, dried and back on the couch and The Girls and I have walked. Now I need to do three months worth of flossing and take myself off to the dentist. Life is just too frassing exciting!

Never mind! My salsa is done and labelled.

Happy alterna-day!

ellis 09-02-2003 10:10 AM

Oh Ruth... 3 months worth of flossing... :lol: I can relate.

Lidian 09-02-2003 10:25 AM

Hi to you all! Well, we survived the frantic first day of school morning which included standing around for 15 extra minutes after the bell, with seemingly twice the usual number of kids and parents, beset by yellow jackets, until at long last they decided to let everyone go in. I hope they have a good morning! It is a little strange to have things so quiet around here...I am going to run/walk tomorrow after I drop them off, will go Tues,, Thurs & a weekend day I think, until I get up to speed. (I am pretty well out of shape at this point!)

Ellis, how's the first day of school going for all of you? Quiet, isn't it!

Ruth, I start flossing only about a week before my twice a year dentist appt & last time they were all impressed and I thought, if you only knew...!

And to all the Alternachicks, hello! How's it going?

I am going to get more coffee...have to get used to getting up nice and early again! Lidian

dentrassi 09-02-2003 11:02 AM

Lidian and Ellis-ENJOY YOUR DAYS!!!!! I didn't get any work done last week when my kids started because I just wanted to enjoy the silence. Now I have to get down to business!!!!!

Ruth-I can relate TOTALLY about the flossing!! And my gums are a MESS. My dentist is really mad at me.....WOW!! you already have the slipcover washed?!? I'm not even dressed yet!!! (Today was a late day for DH so he took the kids to school, and just left himself an hour ago.)

sflake 09-02-2003 01:17 PM

Yea, what up with Dentist's scolding you for not flossing. That just ticks me off. I figure their my teeth, leave me alone. I am paying you (the Dentist) to clean them not give me attitude.

Lidian 09-02-2003 01:49 PM

Yeah, and why do they always ask tricky questions while your mouth is full of dental implements?


squeaker 09-02-2003 05:13 PM

I hate the dentist. I just switched mine. Hopefully this guy will be better then the first. For some reason, I didn't like paying a guy money to make me feel like an idiot.

Hi chicks! :wave:

Just popping in really quick before I am out the door again.

Managed to stay OP so far, and even went out for a walk for lunch.

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