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My saving graces...

I am a chocoholic-and I have to have chocolate EVERY day in some small form-so my goal is to find chocolate for the lowest calories and the highest satisfaction.
My new favorite is the Kudos granola bars variety pack-they are small chewy granola bars-smaller than a regular chewy granola bar, and they are either totally dipped in chocolate, or the bottom half is. They are all between 100-130 calories each, and they come in chocolate chip, Snickers, and M&M flavors. They are addicting, so make sure to only eat one and savor is great for a chocolate fix that is low calories.

Promax bar-this is my favorite meal replacement bar-it has 20 grams of protein and 38 grams of carbs for my favorite flavor-Cookies and Cream. It is 290 calories and 6 grams of fat. (This may vary slightly for other flavors.) It is chewy, not chalky/dry/crumbly like other higher protein bars, and it is one of the only higher protein bars that I have found that are not low carb...I need carbs in my diet. It is a larger bar, so it is great with water for a quick meal if need be.

I am also addicted to smoothies...and make mine out of all fresh fruit and 100% fruit juices. I can get a great smoothie with 3 fruit servings in it for usually around 200 calories. I just mix some fruit, ice, and measured fruit juice fave combination so far:
1 banana/frozen whole strawberries/apple juice-do not use ice for this one, due to the frozen berries. YUM.

I am also totally addicted to chines food...and found that Lean Cuisine's new Sesame Chicken entree fills that craving. I usually try to eat more home prepared foods, but when the craving is calling and I can satisfy it for 300 calories...I say it is a good thing.

I also visit the local farmer's market and take advantage of the fresh fruits each week...this week is is nectarines. YUM.

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I read in a book about using pretzel rods and Tootsie roll pops as a good snack, since they both take a long time to eat - and they are really good at night when I seem to want to eat constantly. A Tootsie pop is 60 cals and the average pretzel stick is about 35, and it is hard to eat more than 2 or 3 pretzel sticks without getting full (they taste OK but do not inspire one to eat a whole bag like, um, say potato chips!)

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Default Carbolite Chocolate Bars

Not sure if these are low in calories or just low in carbs, but Carolbite makes a really tasty chocolate bar that is sweetened with Splenda. I love it, but my system cannot tolerate too much splenda, it upsets my stomach.

Also, I do like Sweet N Low makes a no sugar chocolate sauce that I like as well.
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Gotta love that soy!!
We saw this product, over near the Tofu, called Soyrizo. It claimed to be like chorizo (spanish type of sausage). We decided to give it a try since our latest Soy adventures have turned out pretty good.

Well i took that Soyrizo, cooked it in a pan, put some diced tomatoes, garlic and onions, cooked all that real good...then put a can of black beans and blackeyed peas in it. Cooked it down, then sprinkled some low-fat montery jack cheese on it.

Oh Oh Oh dawlings the gawds were smiling when we ate that!!! It was fabulous!!!!! That Soyrizo is really really good. I plan on mixing it with some Southestern flavored egg beaters,and put it on a tortilla for breakfast!!!

I recommend giving it a try ladies!!!!

Nutritional info is as follows:
Protein 7g, Carbs 5, Sat. Fat .5g Calories only 120!!!! and you get a good amount of it!! By adding the beans and cheeze in, we really boosted the protein and carbs, we opted for more protein with a grilled chicken boob since we knew we were going to be working out tonight.

Please let me know if you try it!!!
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I have found a nice little treat that cures the chocolate craving - Chocolate Mint Velamints. They are sugar free & fat free. The little tins are only about 35 calories for the whole thing (14 mints). I eat them through out the day, and they are yummy.
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Soy nuts!

They are good, but they aren't as good as say, peanuts, or almonds, or cashews. So you STOP EATING THEM.

And then you have the satisfaction of something nutty-crunchy-salty, without going overboard!

Peace and soy,
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