Halloween Challenge!

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  • Okay so between Rowan Bailey and I we have decide to start up a Halloween challenge!

    Starting from September 2 to October 31st (so we can have a last fling during labour day weekend )

    Anyone can join in - just post your current stats, your goal and anything else you want to share.


    Current weight: 164 lbs
    Goal weight by 31st: 159 lbs
    Personal goal: to fit into my Halloween costume
    Fitness goal: to get back to my routine of yoga, belly dance and pilates twice each per week.

    These were good ones so I copied them from Ruthxxx
    Other Goals: Take a half hour every to think about life.
    Make one small improvement in my home environment every day.
  • I'm in.

    Current weight: 176 lbs
    Goal weight by 31st: 166
    Personal goal: I'll think on it
    Fitness goal: to get back to the Y 2 or 3 times a week and rejoin yoga
  • I'm in too.

    Current weight: 230 lbs
    Goal weight by 31st: 220
    Personal goal: to not give up
    Fitness goal: to exercise 3 times a week!
  • Okay...my goals and I will probably add to them throughout as I become inspired by things...

    10% of current weight down by Halloween
    South Beach Diet for eating and Curves for working out.
    My personal goal is to just do just be consistent and stay focused over the next few months. To keep increasing the things that I do that contribute to my health...hypnosis, shiatsu (ouch but good) and other things that make me feel balanced.
  • Current: 171.5
    Goal for Oct. 31st: reality - 165.5, but would really like to go for -160.5
    Personal goal: To stick with the diet this time. I need to fit back into my jeans.
    Fitness Goal: To exercise at least 10 minutes 4 times a week. Doesn't sound like much - but some of you know how much of a big deal that would be.
  • I'm in!

    CW: 146.5
    Halloween goal: 139/140
    ultimate goal: 130/135 (hah!)
    fitness goal: run/walk 4x a week, weights, situps and pushups - basically what I was doing before summer vacation

  • I'm in!
    CW - 281.8
    Halloween Goal - 260-265
    Fitness Goals:
    - Workout 6 hours a week
    - Swim 1300 meters doing the crawl in 60 minutes

  • I'm here too girls...but, my goal is for October 15th...it's only fair...cause the surgeon will be removing some lbs. that day...so, I'll weigh-in that morning and then on the 31st...well, I should be a tad bit lighter by then but I'll reassess that goal after I see how much comes off in surgery.

    So, I'm 176.5 today.
    starting weight (at least) 196
    ultimate goal 130-145
    (I'll know when I get there )
    short term goal 169
    (about 7.5 pounds, wow...haven't seen the 160's
    for seven years and now it feels attainable! )

    personal goal: feel like a strong healthy woman when I get admitted to the hospital...be satisfied with the outcome even if I don't look like Madonna after...
    or rather, even if my breasts are the only part of my body that looks like Madonna's...

    ps, the offer is still out there if any of you need donations...there is plenty to go around...just email me your blood type and if you're a match, the excess adipose tissue is yours for the takin'...tho' I guess if transplanting and relocation were an option none of us would really need 3fc...hmmmm....

    fitness goal: get to the gym three to four times per week and practice yoga four times per week...

    thanks for being there girls,
    Love, Soozie
  • I'm in! I don't want to be a Hallowe'en pumpkin!

    Current Weight - 198 last time I weighed
    Halloween Goal - 185.0
    Fitness Goals: Put 70000 minimum steps on the pedometer daily and 10,000 on it two days a week. That means one walk most days and two on two days.
    Other Goals: Take a half hour every to think about life.
    Make one small improvement in my home environment every day.
  • Hi! I'm relatively new... used to post at 3FC a long time ago and am now coming back... love the holiday goal threads. Can I join?

    Current weight: 180
    Goal weight by 31st: 170
    Personal goal: limit myself to one can of pop a day
    Fitness goal: walk the dogs 15 minutes a day
  • Sure Aquareggie!

    The more the merrier...or is that scarier? Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!
  • Aquareggie, what a sweet little dog! Welcome!
  • Hello my first post!! And I would like to join in the challenge!!

    Current weight: 225
    Goal weight by 31st: 205
    Personal goal: to eat right, and not to QUIT!
    Fitness goal: to exercise at least 5X a week.
  • Hey, Mackenzie! Welcome!
  • Hi all! Thanks for the welcome. And I'd be happy to be scarier... this Halloween. Heh heh heh.

    I've been back OP for a week... but am doing terribly. My plan is to reduce calories and add exercise, but i can't stay on it for more than a day or two. I'm hoping posting here will keep me accountable.

    Hope you all have a great day,